Avtec support the utility industry


DSPatch is a Radio Dispatch console system that combines proven Time Division Multiplex (TDM) technology with a simple to use interface. DSPatch is architected to scale from 1 to 100’s of dispatchers with 1000’s of circuits, integrating both radio and telephone for a seamless Dispatcher experience.

DSPatch is in use by hundreds of Public Safety, Military, Utility, Airline and Railroad organizations for their mission-critical dispatching operations. The system is fully redundant and a single component failure will disable no more
than one console or one external line.

  • Scalable from 32 to 2048 Ports
  • Unmatched Functionality
  • Designed to run for years with zero downtime
  • Distributed Control Architecture with Redundant Data Paths
  • Remote Maintenance for factory support
  • Operator Capacity up to 200 Consoles
  • Live updates for settings; Hot-swap cards
  • Software upgrades without system reboot
  • Supports wire-line connection to Trident Passport and Tait/Fylde MPT1327 Trunked systems


DSPatch32 is a smaller version of the DSPatch Radio console that retains the features and quality full size system. DSPatch32 is a digital multi-line, multi-operator console system that provides operators or dispatchers
access to each other and any radio/telephone resources of the system. It offers functionality, flexibility and ease of operation.

  • Cost Effective Entry Level System for analog-only smaller Applications
  • Supports 32 ports: Radio/Telephone/Consoles
  • Same Feature Set as the Larger DSPatch System


DSPatch 10-4 is a DSPatch configuration designed to mount in an open frame rack. Unlike DSPatch32, it supports T1 connections and is ideal for smaller dispatch centers using Trident Passport or Tait/Fylde MPT1327 trunked systems.

  • Supports up to 96 digital and 42 analog ports.
  • Controls Radio and Telephone via analog and T1 interfaces
  • Provides a wire-line connection to both Trident Passport and Tait/Fylde MPT trunked radio systems