Avtec DSPatchNET


DSPatchNET is an integrated voice communication system that combines advanced digital switching technology with a simple to use interface. As the system is structured for multiple operators and integrated radio and telephone communication, DSPatchNET is a complete dispatching system.

DSPatchNET features include Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Consoles, Radio control over IP, T1, or 4W/2W, built-in security, event logging & custom reporting, intercom, conferencing and a rich telephony feature set including Analog,

This system is suited for the enterprise dispatching needs of sophisticated industries like Airlines, Railroads, and Utilities. DSPatchNET offers the same reliability and ease of use that our customers have depended on for the last 30 years.

  • Hybrid Central Switch VoIP Product
  • VoIP Consoles
  • RoiP, Analog, and T1 controlled radios
  • Multiple Location Disaster Recovery
  • Unicast Over WAN for Wide Area Networks
  • Various sizes to Fit Your Needs
  • Migration Path from DSPatch for Asset Revitalization