Expand your network’s  capabilities using Scout with Frontier™ technology

The difficulty of managing multicast IP traffic across shared wide area networks and the inefficient use of limited bandwidth are major challenges for many organizations. Avtecs Scout with Frontier solution is application-aware software that connects multiple Scout dispatch systems using standard Ethernet networking infrastructure. Scout with Frontier reduces the network configuration complexity and bandwidth by automatically providing a unicast path between Frontier-enabled locations across the WAN, gating audio packets to only those consoles with active endpoints to reduce bandwidth considerably compared to multicast-only systems.

The concept behind Scout with Frontier is to allow remote Scout consoles or entire dispatch centers, to access another sites resources without requiring multicast traffic to be passed across the wide area network. Scout with Frontier is actively in service supporting up to 16 sites over a multi-state WAN, today. This is a major milestone in offering large-scale, enterprise-ready dispatching solutions and just the beginning of Scouts future Enterprise capabilities.

Operating as a gateway to the WAN for separate Scout Systems on individual Local Area Networks (LAN), Frontier helps a complex group of Scout Systems work with the ease of a simple system. The Frontier software allows Scout to be configured into a “System of Systems” that supports local endpoints as well as remote endpoints from across the WAN. By tunneling multicast traffic between the LAN segments, Frontier limits the exchange of voice and data to the minimum required by the Scout Consoles, thus reducing the network bandwidth requirements for the WAN. Frontier is licensed through VPGate and it features redundancy as well as the capability to notify remote consoles when the Scout Project changes. At its initial release, Frontier supports access to at least 800 remote endpoints with as many as 50 endpoints simultaneously active.

Please click the image below to download the Powerpoint presentation- Frontier Product Overview