VPGate works hand in hand with Avtec consoles providing connectivity to endpoint devices such as radio base stations, SIP phone circuits, and third party controllers.

VPGate is a software-based gateway that runs multiple protocol drivers, allowing Avtec console positions to communicate with dissimilar devices seamlessly. Supporting both open and proprietary protocols allows you to choose the endpoints that best fit your needs.

  • Software-based N+1 redundant gateway
  • Supports P25, MPT1327, iDEN, EDACS (The Enhanced Digital Access Communication System), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol),  conventional radios, and more
  • Provides WAN-friendly unicast connections to endpoint devices
  • Runs multiple drivers simultaneously for seamless interoperability
  • Configured via password-protected embedded web server


VPGate Software Architecture

VPGate supports a plug-in driver architecture that simultaneously supports multiple radio and telephony devices, using both proprietary and open protocols. Additional protocols are added on a regular basis with a simple software upgrade.


VPGate Logical Diagram

A Scout system consists of console positions, a LAN/WAN, VPGates, and endpoints. All endpoint devices are controlled via N+1 redundant VPGates, which then provide audio and control to the consoles.