The Scout console system supports two types of recording: Instant Recall (IRR) and Archival (Logging). IRR is primarily an Operational tool to assist the Dispatcher, while archival recording is generally intended for Management and Liability purposes.

Instant Recall Recording

Instant Recall Recording assists the Dispatcher by allowing playback of inbound audio that happened within the last sixty minutes. Most traditional recorders only save one or two channels; duplicating the audio that was heard in a speaker or headset. But what if the Dispatcher needs to hear critical information that was unintelligible due to other active unselect channels? Scout’s integrated IRR can quickly and easily play back every active audio channel, up to 50, independently.

Scout Instant Recall Recorder

The Scout IRR is integrated into the Activity History Display. Each “talk-spurt” entry shows the Endpoint, ANI, duration, and Endpoint state.

Archival Recording

All Public Safety Agencies and most Commercial organizations record console, radio, and/or telephony audio for liability, auditing and training purposes. Scout provides multiple choices with high levels of flexibility, to support both legacy analog recorders and the latest VoIP models. Scout can even send audio to multiple recorders to provide an off-site backup. Another key benefit of Scout is the ability to decrypt and transcode P25 audio to G.711 for IP recorders that are not P25 native. This can save considerable costs and reduce key management issues.

Scout has deployments installed or planned with recorders from the following companies:

  • CVDS
  • Eventide
  • Exacom
  • HigherGround
  • Nice
  • Voice Print International