NXDN is a digital Common Air Interface (CAI) radio standard created by Icom (IDAS) and Kenwood (NEXEDGE). It uses FDMA (Frequency-Division Mulitple-Access) technology to fit two 6.25kHz channels into a single 12.5kHz channel. NXDN equipment generally supports 25kHz analog and 12.5kHz analog as well as digital narrowband.

The NXDN-Forum was created in 2009 to promote the standard and interoperability between member companies, including Daniels Electronics Ltd., Meteor Communications, and Trident Microsystems. NXDN has been chosen as the interoperability standard for North American Railroads.

Avtec’s Scout console supports radios from Kenwood and Icom, offering access to advanced radio features such as ANI, Paging, and Emergency call.