P25 Conventional

Avtec’s Scout P25 console system is the first true IP console system to support the FSI TIA-102.BAHA DFSI standard. Audio packets from the mobile radio are transported via the P25 Common Air Interface to the base station and forwarded via IP to the console system for presentation to the Dispatcher. Since Scout uses the latest enhanced version of the AMBE+2 Vocoder from DVSI, audio quality is improved in high noise environments.

Scout supports the following Radio Manufacturers’ P25 DFSI compliant radios:

  • Tait Radio Communications (TB9100)
  • Daniels Electronics

Scout P25 Console System Diagram with P25 DFSI

Scout P25 consoles support conventional P25 radios in both digital and analog modes via a pure IP connection using the DFSI standard.

Scout supports the following P25 console features using the P25 DFSI standard:

Analog Mode features:

  • CTCSS Disable (squelch)
  • Repeat enable/disable
  • Select Frequency
  • Default Frequency
  • PTT

Digital mode features:

  • Repeat enable/disable
  • DES/AES Encryption enable/disable
  • Unit Check
  • Unit Stun/Revive
  • Unit Monitor
  • Unit (Individual) Calls to subscriber unit
  • Unit (Individual) Calls inbound to base station
  • Group Calls
  • Select Frequency (Frequency/NAC/Talk Group)
  • Default Frequency (Frequency/NAC/Talk Group)
  • ANI with Aliasing
  • Emergency Call (inbound from subscriber)
  • Call Alert Inbound and Outbound
  • PTT

Note: In addition to the P25 DFSI specific features, standard console features are fully supported for P25 endpoints, including Patch, Unselect, and Simulselect. For instance, Patch may be used to set up interoperability with other radio bands.