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VoIP Radio Dispatch Hardware

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Built for demanding environments.

Scout systems include rugged, well-designed hardware and peripherals that can stand the test of time and use.



Radio Internet-Protocol Communications Module

RIC-M provides federal, state, and local public safety agencies with an uncompromising P25 CFSI-compliant bridge between Motorola Astro® base stations and Quantar™ radio infrastructures. With a single Ethernet connection, this box replaces a proprietary interface with one that is P25 CFSI-compatible.

» Download Specifications (PDF, 695 KB)         » Learn More About RIC-M

$999 + S&H

Scout Microphone

Customizable Microphone

Our sleek, microphone pairs high-level performance and reliability with rugged, professional-grade quality. Customize the microphone to suit individual work positions perfectly using an XLR microphone connection. A visual indication displays when the push-to-talk button is pressed and the ergonomic design optimizes the operator’s response.

» Download Specifications (PDF, 695 KB)

$595 + S&H

Scout Speakers

Scout Speakers

Our new 30% smaller speaker has the same powerful output as its predecessor and boasts improved ergonomics as well as simplified configuration options. The speakers can be stacked vertically to save space in tighter workspaces.

» Download Specifications (PDF, 581 KB)

$780 (pair) | $420 (single) + S&H

Avtec Jack Box

Scout Console Jack Box

The Scout Console Jack Box provides a means of interfacing peripheral accessories (such as headsets or handsets) to the Scout Console Media Workstation Plus. The Jack Box connects to a Type I AP Port on the Media Workstation Plus and is typically mounted under the desk or table where the workstation is installed.

» Download Specifications (PDF, 1010 KB)

$495 + S&H

Outpost Radio Controller Front

Outpost Radio Controller

Interfacing non-VoIP radios to an Ethernet network for audio transport and remote control, Outpost is a full-featured VoIP Base Station controller designed and manufactured by Avtec. Outpost converts audio coming from the phone or radio to packet voice and sends it to the console. In reverse, it takes packet voice from the console, converts it to analog audio, and sends it to the phone or radio.

» Download Specifications (PDF, 745 KB)

$2,195 + S&H

Includes Outpost Radio Controller and 12V DC input.
For software and other accessories, call 803.358.3605.

Scout Media Workstation Plus

Scout Media Workstation Plus

The Scout Media Workstation Plus is equipped with a dedicated audio processor. The lighter weight and 30% smaller workstation consumes less space on your desktop and now uses just 60W of power. A direct upgrade of our Scout Media Workstation, the new version includes dual network connections to offer 100% redundancy for maximum call center uptime. The Media Workstation Plus is available for systems running Scout V3.0 or later, is backward compatible with existing Scout accessories, and meets global safety standards.

» Download Specifications (PDF, 611 KB)

To order, call 803.358.3605.

Other Peripherals

Scout makes it easy to outfit dispatchers with the latest technology. Enhance consoles by adding additional peripherals including handsets, headsets, foot switches, busy-indicator light poles and more.

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