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The Scout Family of
Dispatch Solutions

Scalable. Secure. Reliable. Proven.

One Platform. Unlimited Possibilities.

A powerful, reliable family of dispatch solutions designed to adapt and scale to any environment.

The Scout family of dispatch solutions integrates all your communication center needs, whether simple, highly complex, or somewhere in between. Powered by proven, dependable technology, the Scout family of dispatch solutions offers you:

  • A single-code platform for easy scaling
  • Easy integration to the widest range of interfaces:
    • Conventional and trunked radios
    • Broadband Push-To-Talk
    • Telephony
    • AUX input/output, IP voice logging recorders, and more
  • A redundant, secure system for peace of mind
  • Dependable operation for maximum uptime
  • Simplified upgrades with operational continuity
  • Fixed and mobile configurations
  • High quality products designed, built, and supported in the USA
  • Best-in-class product training and technical support
Simple 4-Button
Dispatch Solution

Four-button, hardware device that accesses up to four radio channels or talkgroups.
4-Channel Software
Dispatch Solution

Easy-to-expand, software-based solution to control up to four radio or telephony channels.
8-Channel Software
Dispatch Solution

Scalable, software-based solution designed to manage up to eight radio or telephony endpoints.
Dispatch Solution

Our flagship platform for more than 35 years—a flexible, fully featured dispatch solution for the most demanding communication centers.

Console Comparison

Click on any of the columns below to highlight their features.

Scout 100 Scout 400 Scout 800 Scout Enterprise
Channels on-screen 4 4 8 2000
Patches 0 1 1 5
Number of speaking devices 1 4 4 4
Number of speakers 1 2 2 11
Number of unselect channels 1 1 1 10
Use with Mini VPGate
Use with larger VPGate
Instant Recall Recorder n/a
Cost option available
Mobility n/a
Included Included Cost option available
User logins
ResourcePro Tool Cost option available
Consoles Positions Supported
8 8 800+

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