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Avtec Selected To Join NXDN Forum

May 02, 2011 | by Tiffany Rushton

Gilbert, SC, May 2011 – Avtec, the leading provider of mission-critical console systems in North America, is pleased to announce it has been selected to join the NXDN Forum. The NXDN Forum was established in July 2008 with eight founding members including Kenwood Corp., Icom Inc., Kenwood USA Corp., Icom America Inc., Aeroflex Wichita Inc., Daniels Electronics Ltd., Ritron Inc., and Trident Micro Systems. The NXDN Forum was established to promote the NXDN digital air protocol for use with 6.25 kHz and 12.5 kHz narrowband technology.


“NXDN-based radio technology is enjoying growth in many key market segments,” said Avtec’s Director of Product Marketing Mike Ridge. “Incorporating NXDN-based radio interfaces into the Scout IP console demonstrates Avtec’s commitment to providing the full-featured, mission-critical solutions those markets demand and adds to the impressive list of radio technologies that Scout supports with a ‘wire-line’ interface. By supporting technologies with a VoIP connection directly to the infrastructure, users benefit from improved reliability, non-blocking access, and reduced overall loading on the radio network.”


The NXDN protocol and the communications products in which it is used are intended for commercial private land mobile radio and public safety communications systems. The technology satisfies the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandate requiring all communications systems covered by Part 90 regulations to use narrowband technology by Jan. 1, 2013.


Announcement of Avtec’s nomination came during the 2011 IWCE Conference and Expo held in Las Vegas, NV.

About NXDN

NXDN was developed in response to the need for greater spectrum efficiency in light of the capacity issues on limited spectrum resources being experienced particularly in North America, but also around the world. Designed in particular for the business and industry market, NXDN is a cost-effective communication method that achieves this spectrum efficiency through digitization, while maintaining the basic architecture of analog FM radio.

Kenwood Corp. and Icom Inc. developed NXDN in a collaborative effort, and now the basic outline of the NXDN specification is completed. Both companies have released initial products based on this spectrum efficient protocol, and the next stage is to standardize the specification and also allow other vendors to provide NXDN compliant products to the market to make this a true multi-vendor standard technology.

About Avtec, Inc.

Avtec, Inc., is the leading provider of mission-critical console systems in North America. With a worldwide customer base, Avtec serves customers in public safety, transportation, utility, business, and government markets. Based on open standards, Avtec offers migration paths from legacy platforms to VoIP systems and has installed more than 1,000 Scout consoles. Since the delivery of our first console in 1981, Avtec has earned a 30-year unblemished record in providing innovative, reliable console solutions focused on compatibility, serviceability and a robust feature set. We invite you to visit our website at www.avtecinc.com to learn more.

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