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See Scout in Action With Our Dispatch Console Video Demos

Discover proven, reliable, scalable dispatching in our demo library.

Find out why Avtec Scout dispatch consoles are found in the critical communication centers of public and private organizations, large and small.

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Featured topics include:

  • Company & System Overviews
  • Avtec Scout User Interface
  • Scout Features & Functions
  • Scout Admin Tools

Multiple in-depth videos available for each topic.

Why Choose Avtec Scout?

Customizable User Interface

Enjoy unparalleled configurability. Avtec Scout’s customizable GUI lets you mirror the look and feel of your legacy system to ensure a seamless workflow and to avoid retraining, while enjoying expanded capabilities and integration options.

Future-Proof Flexibility

Have freedom of integration and confidence in migration. Scout’s single-source platform enables integration with legacy and Next Gen radio, telephony and PoC technologies. Its concurrent support of open standards and proprietary radio and telephony protocols help simplify migration plans.


Be confident in high availability and stability. The Scout system is thoughtfully designed with built-in redundancies for operational continuity. Failover capabilities enable high resilience in various disasters, ensuring endpoints continue to be available at all consoles.

Dispatch Environment Options

Be adaptable with a suite of console options that enables 24/7/365 operations in any situation. Whether your dispatchers require a fixed location, flexibility to operate on a laptop, or the portability of an accessory that runs on a tablet or laptop over WiFi or LTE networks, the Scout system works in a variety of environments to ensure continuity of your dispatch operations.

Use of Standard Components

Keep it simple with Scout’s support of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computers and networking equipment. Use your computers, network switches and routers to simplify procurement and configuration, also sparing maintenance and reducing life cycle costs.

IT Friendliness

Enjoy the benefits of a pure VoIP solution. Scout’s components can be distributed over a LAN/WAN infrastructure using standard Ethernet technology, without the need for a centralized Time Division Multiplex (TDM) switch. Should your dispatch center move or grow, the Scout system can easily adjust to meet your needs.

Avtec Scout Family of Dispatch Consoles

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