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The City of Richardson Accepts Avtec’s Scout IP Radio Dispatch Consoles for Its New Public Safety Communications System

February 21, 2012 | by Tiffany Rushton

The First Project in North America to Deploy a P25 CSSI Trunked Radio System Using Multiple Suppliers 

Gilbert, S.C. (February 21, 2012) – The City of Richardson, Texas, with a population of nearly 100,000 residents, has accepted the Avtec ScoutTM CSSI radio dispatch console for its state-of-the-art 911 Communications Center. It is the first multi-vendor trunked radio system deployed in North America utilizing the APCO Project 25 Console Sub-System Interface (P25 CSSI) standard, which connects Avtec’s Internet Protocol (IP) consoles to the city’s Cassidian P25 radio system. The 10 Scout consoles are a critical component of the city’s new interoperable trunked P25 Land Mobile Radio public safety communications system.

The new P25 trunked radio system, which replaces the city’s 19-year old analog system, leverages Avtec’s end-to-end IP consoles in the 911 call center to provide the city with access to more advanced radio features, the flexibility to easily customize dispatchers’ screens, and scalability for future expansion. The city procured major components (radio system, portable radios, consoles, logging recorder) from different vendors and integrated them together using open standards such as P25 CSSI (Console Sub-System Interface) and P25 CAI (Common Air Interface).

“By using an open standards architecture, we were able to pick the best-of-the-best for each component of our new P25 compliant radio system,” said Richardson Mayor Bob Townsend. “As part of that system, our IT and public safety personnel chose the Avtec radio dispatch consoles because of their unmatched performance and use of open standards.”

“The real winners are the City of Richardson’s residents, who now have a world-class communications network for a third of the price without sacrificing quality or service,” said Steve Graves, CIO of the City of Richardson. “In fact, with our cost savings, we were able to install a fourth site for better coverage, and purchase the very best and safest radios for our public safety officers.”

Major Benefits of the New Open-Standards Communications Center

  • Ability to handle more than 7,000 calls in a typical day.
  • Saved taxpayers over $4 million and provided improved radio coverage.
  • Flexibility to choose new standards-based products in the future; no “lock-in.”
  • Leveraged existing IP networks saving circuit costs.
  • Avtec’s Scout IP consoles provide interoperability between the city’s P25 trunked system and conventional radios.
  • The scalable IP console infrastructure can easily support adjacent agencies, saving them money and ensuring inter-agency communications.
  • The system is designed with multiple levels of redundancy for disaster recovery. The IP Avtec Scout console system includes four independent, distributable VPGate™ gateways: two at the dispatch center and two at an off-site data center.

“Avtec is one of our key strategic partners for the public safety market, a partnership built on trust and solid technology,” said Chuck Sackley, the vice president for business development for Cassidian Communications. “Avtec provides a great product, demonstrates integrity in everything the company does, and the customer is delighted with the total solution.”

“Our commitment to open standards, including the P25 CSSI interface, allowed Avtec to provide the city of Richardson with a more future-proof console system than traditional choices,”said Michael Branning, president of Avtec.” Although we have nearly 2,000 Scout consoles in service and multiple P25 CSSI projects underway, this is the first P25 CSSI project in North America to go live, and we are excited. Avtec supports open standards because it gives customers choices both now and in the future, lowering their total cost of ownership. Taking advantage of the options now available, the City of Richardson’s IT team was able to build a world-class communications network themselves and save millions of dollars over the cost of a proprietary system.”

About the APCO P25 Standard
A joint effort of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and the National Association of State Telecommunications Directors, Project 25 (P25) concerns the development of standards for digital telecommunications technology, including an objective to determine consensus standards for digital radio equipment embracing elements of interoperability, spectrum efficiency and cost economies.

About the City of Richardson
With a population of nearly 100,000, the City of Richardson is widely recognized for its commitment to excellence, its rich history, and its bright future, all of which make Richardson a smart choice for residents and businesses. Known globally for its high-tech business leadership, the city offers a high quality of life, a diverse array of neighborhoods, a convenient Metroplex location, a multi-modal transportation infrastructure, and outstanding city services.

About Avtec, Inc.
Avtec, Inc. provides Internet Protocol (IP) dispatch console solutions for the public safety, transportation, utility, business, and government markets. For more than 30 years, customers have chosen Avtec’s award-winning technology for their mission-critical dispatch centers. There are nearly 2,000 Scout™ voice over internet protocol (VoIP) consoles installed worldwide.

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