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Avtec’s IP Dispatch System Completes Integration Testing with Genesis GenSPOut Software

October 22, 2014 | by Tiffany Rushton

New Integration Provides Migration Path from Motorola® Analog Trunked Systems to Next Generation Digital Radio Solutions

Lexington, S.C. (Oct. 22, 2014) – Avtec, a leading provider of pure Internet Protocol (IP) dispatch console systems, today announced that its Scout™ dispatch solution has been tested with Genesis GenSPOut  (Genesis Specified Packet Output) software. GenSPOut is a formatting and filtering engine that parses, filters, and re-assembles radio signaling information and passes it to a variety of devices in real time, including Scout radio dispatch consoles.

This integration enables a console choice for customers using Motorola® SmartNet™ or SmartZone analog trunking radio technology who want to continue to operate, or migrate to newer radio technologies. Scout consoles are built on a pure Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure and are an alternative to legacy Time Division Multiples (TDM) analog consoles.

Features include:

  • Push to Talk (PTT) Identification
  • Inbound Emergency Call Notification
  • Redundant Data Connections

The Avtec Scout and Genesis GenSPOut solution allows subscribers to connect to the Palmetto 800 Radio Network, a Motorola SmartZone trunked system with 79 transmitter sites across South Carolina and Georgia. “Customers on the South Carolina Palmetto 800 radio system are now able to deploy a Scout console. Since Scout has a direct IP interface with all of the next generation digital radio and telephony platforms, it future-proofs their communications investment,” said Michael Ridge, Avtec’s Director of Partnerships and Alliances.

“Genesis has worked side-by-side with Avtec for several years and is pleased to partner with them on a solution for their customers,” said Jim Nipp, President of The Genesis Group.

Avtec’s Scout solution connects any telephone or radio endpoint to any dispatcher at any time, providing customers with “any-to-any” communication capability for improved operational efficiency, reduced system complexity, and lower costs.

About The Genesis Group

Genesis performance management solutions empower system administrators to monitor, manage and report on voice and data systems. Genesis pulls together all systemwide and inter-agency data to display real time activity, send critical notifications, and archive data for forensic reporting and analysis. GenSPOut (Genesis Specified Packet Output) splits complex trunking network data, filters it, then distributes it to its desired destination. It is a powerful specialty module for GenWatch3® for SMARTZONE, SMARTNET and P25 systems, and GW3-TRBO® for MOTOTRBO™ systems. GenSPOut formats decoded Control Channel or ATIA data and passes it to a variety of external devices, such as dispatch consoles, specialized CAD systems, voice recorders, and alarm devices.

About Avtec, Inc.

Avtec, Inc. provides pure Internet Protocol (IP) dispatch console solutions for the public safety, airline, railroad, energy, business, and government markets. For more than 35 years, customers have chosen Avtec’s award-winning technology for their mission-critical dispatch centers. There are thousands of Scout Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) consoles installed worldwide. Visit www.avtecinc.com to learn more.



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