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Logging Recorder Vendor Earns Gold Qualification for Compatibility with Scout Dispatch Console Systems

June 17, 2016 | by Tiffany Rushton

Scout’s Integration with Recording Technology from Verint Offers Extended Benefits in IP Dispatch Environments

Lexington, SC – June 16, 2016 — Avtec, a leading provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) dispatch console systems, awarded its “Works with Scout™” gold CE (console and endpoint metadata) qualification to Verint, a logging recorder vendor that completed testing on the latest version of Scout. The distinction reflects the high level of integration between the company's call recorder and Avtec’s Scout voice dispatch consoles.

The gold qualification – Avtec’s top compatibility tier – indicates that Scout can capture and play back audio, capture and display metadata, and filter and find recordings using metadata. These critical logging recorder capabilities facilitate forensic incident reconstruction and investigation analysis. Mission-critical settings such as 911 emergency call centers and critical infrastructure dispatch environments for utilities, airlines, and railroads find these capabilities particularly vital.

“Avtec is very excited that Verint achieved the highest level compatibility rating with Scout,” said John Locatelli, Avtec’s manager of product management. “Avtec’s rigorous compatibility program requires more than 40 hours of stringent quality assurance testing to insure customers receive a system that performs from day one. This achievement demonstrates a commitment to deliver the latest features and technology to our customers to help them meet the critical demands of their operations.”

Avtec’s “Works with Scout” logging recorder compatibility testing program builds on the company’s history of providing proven, trusted, and reliable dispatch solutions for mission-critical environments. For the past five years, the testing program has enabled Avtec to provide customers with the freedom to choose the best solution for their call centers. Applicants can earn one of three designations – bronze, silver, or gold – that reflects corresponding levels of investment and capability.

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