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Saluda County Upgrades Console Technology in Their 911 Response Center

July 28, 2016 | by Tiffany Rushton

Lexington, S.C.- July 28, 2016 -- Avtec, the nation’s leading independent provider of Radio over IP (RoIP) dispatch console systems, today announced its role as the communications technology supplier in Saluda County’s emergency 911 response center upgrade.

Prior to the upgrade, Saluda County was using an outdated, manual push-button dispatching console that was over 20 years old. Part replacements and support were no longer available. By upgrading to a the pure IP Scout™ console, which integrates communications with radio and telephony, Saluda county 911 dispatchers can better handle the 50-100 calls placed daily by using their four console positions. They can now simultaneously patch together calls with multiple agencies, helping to improve communication, response time, and reliability. As the Scout console is highly interoperable, virtually any type of radio can be used in the field and interface with the Avtec dispatching system.

“This gives us the capability to manage the information that’s coming in much more efficiently. It allows us to focus on communicating with the citizens and our responders rather than expending extra effort to use old technology. We are able to get to residents faster and better serve the community,” said Saluda County Emergency Management Director Josh Morton.

Dispatchers and system administrators completed training in Avtec’s training center located in Lexington, South Carolina. In addition to upgrading their dispatching console to Scout, Saluda County invested in adjustable desks, a state of the art CAD system with mapping technology, and has partnered with Smart911.com.

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