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Avtec Ensures Failure Not an Option at Boone County 911

August 02, 2017 | by Alex Sargeant


LEXINGTON, S.C. – August 3, 2017 – Avtec Inc., the nation’s leading independent provider of mission-critical Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) dispatch console systems, and Boone County Joint Communications (BCJC) have completed a major upgrade of the county’s emergency communications system in Columbia, Mo., including the deployment of advanced dispatching technology configured to ensure complete failover redundancy.

The new communications system includes the installation of 34 Avtec Scout™ dispatch consoles positions – 21 at the main 911 center or Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), five at the PSAP’s training center and eight at a fully equipped backup center located in downtown Columbia. Additionally, Avtec deployed eight mobile Ranger™ dispatch consoles in the BCJC’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and 49 Avtec Outposts™ throughout the entire system to facilitate the integration of multiple radio technologies and secure disaster recovery capabilities.


“One of the attributes that makes this system unique is that it has complete disaster recovery built into it,” said Avtec Regional Sales Manager Jeff Ziegler. “It was designed to have zero points of failure."

Based on pure IP software, the Scout dispatch consoles allow BCJC’s dispatchers to coordinate communications with multiple law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services agencies. The Ranger consoles, which can operate on Windows laptops, tablets or fixed workstations, are currently installed as fixed workstations in the EOC. The flexibility and concentration of features make Ranger ideal for personnel from multiple disciplines and jurisdictions who need focused radio access for enhanced situational awareness during emergencies.

According to BCJC Director Chad Martin, dispatchers had been using the same radio consoles to coordinate with first responders for more than 17 years. “The company that manufactured the old consoles is no longer in business and their equipment has gone way past its useful life,” said Martin.  The Avtec upgrades give BCJC the option of introducing Next Generation 911 technology in the future, allowing citizens to one day text 911 messages instead of calling. “We don’t know when that technology will become available, but when it does, the Avtec system is designed to handle it,” said Martin.


About Avtec Inc.
Avtec provides pure Internet Protocol (IP) dispatch console solutions for the transportation, public safety, utility, business and industry, and government markets. Since 1979, clients have chosen Avtec’s award-winning technology for their mission-critical dispatch centers. There are thousands of Scout Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) consoles installed worldwide. Visit www.avtecinc.com to learn more.

About Boone County Joint Communications
BCJC is responsible for ensuring the safety of more than 160,000 residents in the county and within the municipal boundaries of its county seat. BCJC dispatches 15 agencies to approximately 304,000 incidents per year, including nearly 70,000 emergency calls.





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