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Scout 100

Avtec’s Scout™ 100 delivers a compact, reliable hardware dispatching solution that allows up to four radio endpoints, giving you maximum value for a minimal investment. Scout 100 is secure, scalable, and redundant—and deliberately designed to integrate easily with leading radio and broadband interfaces.


Scout 100

Dispatch Solution

scout 100 image

Powered by the same proven technology used in Scout Enterprise, Scout 100 meets the needs of customers that need a scalable, reliable dispatching solution with a lower total cost of ownership. Scout 100, like the entire Scout family, uses a single-code platform, which provides you with a seamless path for system expansion as your business needs change. Sold exclusively through our certified channel partners, Scout 100 offers you:

  • Built-in redundancy and mobility
  • A compact, desktop design
  • Flexible, scalable technology that grows with you
  • Secure, high quality product
  • Proven technology designed, assembled, and supported in the USA
  • Easy integration to the widest range of interfaces:
    • Conventional and trunked radios
    • Broadband push-to-talk
    • Miscellaneous—CAD, auxiliary input/output Internet Protocol (IP) recorders, and more

Basic and advanced configuration options are available, all backed by our best-in-class training and superior customer support.

10 Reasons Why Migrating From Orbacom Consoles to Scout Makes Your Agency More Efficient

You have many choices to consider when replacing your Orbacom T5 and TDM150 consoles. Achieve new standards of efficiency and control with Avtec's Scout dispatch consoles.

Use Case

By Industry

Business Government Public Safety Utilities/Energy
Business & Industry

Scout 100 is ideal for business and industry customers committed to maintaining a safe, efficient working environment. Our Scout 100 packages provide a compact and affordable yet highly reliable hardware-based solution to help you strengthen communications related to operational conditions and campus security. Scout 100 is an excellent choice for hospitals, universities, and business complexes that have security desk personnel who receive emergency calls on a phone line and need access to radio channels to coordinate a response.


Scout 100 is ideal for governmental entities that require a compact, standards-based console designed to meet the most demanding safety and quality requirements at an affordable price. Scout 100 is an excellent choice for local, county, and state government officers who need to coordinate with other agencies and workers in the field. Its space-saving design also makes is an optimal desktop solution for land, forestry, and parks professionals who utilize radios to communicate with rangers charged with overall security and safety.

Public Safety

Scout 100 is ideal for public safety customers with occasional users who demand standards-based, mission-critical technology at an affordable price. Scout 100 is a compact, desktop unit that offers municipalities, county offices, and EMS providers a proven, reliable, scalable solution with a low total cost of ownership. Scout 100 is an excellent choice for a supervisor or managing officer who needs to utilize mobile radios to scan multiple frequencies and maintain ongoing communications across interoperability channels used by fire, law enforcement, public works, and government agencies.


Scout 100 is ideal for both investor-owned and public utilities that need a compact, reliable communications console for casual or occasional users who still demand minimal downtime, high redundancy, feature-rich upgrades, and high security standards. Scout is designated compliant with the requirements of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC-CIP) plan and the security controls of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-53. Scout 100 is an excellent choice for utility customers that use radios to communicate with adjacent districts during disaster situations or for communicating with field crews conducting daily maintenance. Scout 100 is also ideal for power plant operators who utilize radio talkgroups.

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