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Orbacom Dispatch Console Replacement

When it comes to your mission-critical dispatch communications, end-of-life can also signal the beginning of new opportunities for your next-generation dispatch operations.

Since 2008, Avtec has deployed hundreds of Scout™ Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) dispatch systems, facilitating the migration from TDM to IP and opening up new possibilities for compatibility and future-forward design.

10 Reasons Why Migrating From Orbacom Consoles to Scout Makes Your Agency More Efficient

You have many choices to consider when replacing your Orbacom T5 and TDM150 consoles. Achieve new standards of efficiency and control with Avtec's Scout dispatch consoles.

#1 - Cost Savings #2 - Efficiency Gains #3 - Time Savings #4 - Safety and Reliability #5 - Continuity of Operations #6 - Ease of Installation and Management #7 - "Assurance" Policy #8 - Interoperability #9 - Freedom of Choice #10 - Security and Data Protection
Cost Savings

Scout’s pure-IP VolP software utilizes commercially available, off-the-shelf components so there is minimal hardware to deploy. Pure IP systems also can save you money by eliminating dedicated leased lines and other centralized infrastructure.

When you need to expand, consolidate, or relocate your communications center, Scout’s IP-based solution can accommodate your needs with minimal impact.

Efficiency Gains

Scout’s GUI is easy to learn and to understand. Commands which may have required multiple button-presses can be reduced to just a few keystrokes or touch-screen taps.

By consolidating all of your communication methods, including voice, video, data, and messaging, into one platform, you will be able to deploy resources and manage situations more quickly and with less hassle than with other systems.

Time Savings

Dispatchers have discovered how easy it is to switch from their legacy Orbacom equipment to new Scout consoles.

Since Scout's GUI can emulate the interface of your legacy equipment, your dispatchers will be able to quickly acclimate to Scout without extensive retraining. And because Scout can be deployed alongside your legacy TDM equipment, you can complete the migration at your own pace.

Safety and Reliability

Reliability is a hallmark of Scout's modern IP architecture. When deployed in a redundant configuration, Scout can automatically failover to a backup system if any part of the voice communications system experiences trouble. This ensures that voice communications will be available at all times.

By eliminating outages and downtime, you can ensure the safety of those who rely upon your dispatchers to manage critical situations. Another advantage of the Scout system includes system alerts and integration with SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), an Internet-standard protocol for monitoring network-attached devices.

Continuity of Operations

Disaster planning is a must for mission-critical environments. Because Scout's software can utilize laptops or tablets, you can be assured of full dispatch operations over LTE or WiFi.

This enables you to efficiently augment or relocate your dispatching operations on the fly without the movement of major equipment or the expense of duplicating a TDM equipment rack.

Ease of Installation and Management

As a software-based dispatch solution, Scout can be installed and updated via download. This not only ensures that you benefit from the most up-to-date version of Scout available, but also eliminates the need to add or replace hardware to access these benefits.

Once your consoles are operational, you can deploy configuration changes from a central location rather than doing it one machine at a time. You can view diagnostics and reports from across the enterprise.

"Assurance" Policy

Scout uses an open API architecture which allows for integration with a host of CAD systems, location-based services, cameras, telematics, and logging recorders. And because it can be upgraded as new hardware and protocols are introduced, the Scout console might possibly be the last console you'll ever have to buy.


Avtec Scout consoles can handle all of your voice communications needs, including radio and telephony, and can seamlessly interconnect voice calls between the technologies. Scout incorporates open standards components from such leading vendors as Cisco and Avaya and facilitates full command and control functions for most commercially-available radio systems and interfaces.

Freedom of Choice

The Scout system provides you freedom to decide which equipment and infrastructure choices are best for your unique communications environment.

There are no requirements that you deploy radios or networking equipment from a single manufacturer. As an open-standards-compliant system, Scout gives you abundant flexibility.

Security and Data Protection

To help ensure data integrity Scout offers encryption management protocols and multi-layer password protection, keeping your data secure and accessible only to authorized users.


Webinar: Learn first-hand from people who have made the migration

Orbacom Founder Bob Conroy leads an interactive discussion about the future of RolP dispatch console technology and helps viewers understand the myriad benefits of switching to IP dispatch solutions.

He is joined by SC Forestry Commission's Mike Thomas, who successfully lead his organization's migration from an Orbacom TDM system to Scout, Avtec's pure VoIP dispatch console.

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“Today, VoIP is the technology of choice because it is far more economical to operate and is much more adaptable to ongoing technology changes.”

Bob Conroy, Orbacom Founder

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