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SCT-310 Advanced Scout System Administration and Maintenance ($3745)

Course ID: SCT-310

Class Date
Mon, September 16, 2024 – Thu, September 19, 2024

Please contact the Avtec Training Department for a full course syllabus and registration eligibility at CustomerExperienceandTraining@avtecinc.com

Class Start & End Times:
8:30 am. - 4:30 pm. (Monday-Wednesday)
8:30 am - 2 pm (Thursday typically ends early) 

12:00 pm. - 1:00 pm.

10 minutes every 90 minutes

Course Overview:
The Advanced Scout System Administration & Maintenance course is an advanced, hands-on, and technically oriented course, hosted in a purpose-built laboratory/classroom environment at Avtec’s headquarters in Lexington, South Carolina. This advanced course is fast-paced and content-rich, whereby students will cover the various implementation phases of Scout system deployments. Phases covered include Identifying System and end-user Requirements, Hands-on Out-of-Box Configuration and installation, Advanced System Configuration Options, System Optimization, Building Enterprise Scout Systems, & many topics in between. 


This course builds upon Scout System Administration (SCT-220) foundational competencies with each topic being covered in a modular & logically phased approach. Therefore, candidates must have a firm understanding of all learning objectives outlined and covered in the Scout System Administration (SCT-220) course, before becoming eligible to register for and attend the Advanced Scout System Administration & Maintenance course.

Certification:  Avtec Certified System Professional   

Certification Examinations:
To ensure students have gained the necessary knowledge needed to support Scout systems, the Scout System Administration Certification requires the successful completion of both a written and hands-on lab exam. All resources made available during class instruction are available to be used during both exams, and collaboration is encouraged among class attendees.  

Intended Audience:
System Administrators, Maintenance Technicians, and Technical Staff designated for the deployment, maintenance, and administration of  Scout Systems.

A working knowledge of Microsoft Windows 7® operating systems, IP networking with an understanding of Unicast and Multicast protocols, Telephony and Radio Communication Standards and protocols is highly recommended.

Successful completion of Scout System Administration (SCT-220/225; AVT2200/2250) is REQUIRED.

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