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See how the Scout dispatch console and CommandCentral Aware combine to deliver a new level of situational awareness.




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The Scout dispatch console and CommandCentral Aware application were both designed to transform your communication center’s operations — and they’re incredibly powerful when leveraged together. Not only can dispatchers communicate seamlessly with team members in the field via the Scout console, but they can also summon critical data from live video feeds and mapping of staff and incidents via CommandCentral Aware.

Scout and Aware Monitor

Enhance your dispatchers’ situational awareness and ability to communicate critical information to the field with Scout plus CommandCentral Aware. Combine map-based intelligence, video streaming and voice communication on one screen to seamlessly plan and coordinate an effective response.

Key Features and Capabilities


Location and Mapping

In addition to the functionality of a Scout console, dispatchers can respond with precision by bringing data from the field into the CommandCentral Aware map within the Scout console interface — including customizable Geographic Information System (GIS) layers that make it easy to see how and where the incident is unfolding in real time.


Streaming Video

In a single operational view within the Scout console interface, dispatchers can have unprecedented visibility of a scene with real-time and historical video. This includes mobile camera footage and feeds from fixed cameras. Add existing cameras from any video management system and access public feeds.


Situational Awareness

Used together, Aware and the Scout console provide enhanced situational awareness to dispatchers who work in complex mission-critical environments like utilities, hospitals, public safety and transportation. This capability means even a first response is more efficient, streamlined, and confident.


Incident Re-creation

Communication centers can reconstruct and save incident response details with responder breadcrumbing, historical mapping, and video rewind and syncing. This ability helps dispatchers to understand past responses and inform future workflows.


Scalable Displays

Coupling the Scout console with CommandCentral Aware enables dispatchers to customize the scalable display across one to three monitors. This level of flexibility is deliberate — our solutions fit your operational workflows, not vice-versa. That means key modules can be configured to the display space available.


Unified Operational View

Imagine consolidating real-time intelligence and having all the pertinent information a dispatcher needs — all on a single pane of glass. That’s the benefit of the partnership between the Scout console and CommandCentral Aware. The result? Better outcomes, more efficient operations, and improved safety and security.

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