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Capitalize on the full value of Scout.

ScoutCareTM is our licensed post-warranty software maintenance and remote support services program. Keep Scout "evergreen" with the latest software patches and feature enhancements, backed by Avtec's support 24x7x365.


ScoutCare helps protect you against unforeseen issues and gets your system back online if something goes wrong, enabling you to focus on managing your operations.

Key Features:

  • Access to operating system updates, security patches, and software upgrades with new features and functionalities
  • Single point of contact for customer service
  • Remote telephone support with agreed response time and prioritization
  • Critical priority support available 24x7x365
  • Training courses and access to Avtec Connect, our technical documentation hub

Deploy New Features and Functionalities

Keep your mission-critical system running smoothly with up-to-date software that includes the latest improvements and product enhancements.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Control costs and increase operational efficiency with a clearly defined scope and contract, allowing you to set your budget in advance for maintenance and upgrades. Access the latest fixes and software upgrades at no additional charge.

Address Vulnerabilities

Scout software is constantly enhanced with security features such as access control, encryption, and audit trails and is tested for vulnerabilities to keep up with cybersecurity threats.

Maximize System Availability

In the event of a problem, Avtec investigates and quickly resolves it with minimal demands on your resources. For example, a patch may be issued to fix a high-impact or high-urgency issue to keep you operational. Long-term solutions are often included in future software releases.

Receive Technical Training

ScoutCare also includes training for your technical staff. This training is required for certain members of your staff and is based on the latest released version of software.

Access Avtec Connect

Avtec Connect provides online access to product documentation, releases notes, training, and other helpful customer support information.

Total Software Care


Console systems integrate many third-party systems and components, most of which include complex software. As these change over time, compatibility modifications and regression testing are mandatory. Security vulnerabilities also must be addressed as discovered. A continual focus on software updates provides you with an evergreen solution that you'll never have to replace.


ScoutCare clients benefit from functional enhancements. Whether it’s new user interface features, connectivity, or management tool improvements, we glean modifications and changes based on feedback from users to help guide software updates.


No system is ever without errors. Scout issues are resolved on a priority basis. Patches are occasionally released if a high impact or high urgency issue emerges, and all patches are incorporated into scheduled software release updates.


Updates can deliver better maintainability or reliability and prevent future problems. Better diagnostics, improvements in redundancy mechanisms, and better handling of user errors are examples of preventive software maintenance.

Extended Hardware Maintenance

ScoutCare customers are eligible to receive post warranty extended hardware support for Avtec provided equipment. Advanced replacement loaner equipment and expedited shipping is also available for qualified urgent repairs.

Please contact your Avtec sales representative or Avtec client support for options and details.

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