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ScoutCare has you covered—today, and tomorrow.

Our ScoutCareTM software maintenance and remote support services program helps you maximize the value and functionality of your ScoutTM dispatch system. ScoutCare provides the latest software and security patches, ongoing feature enhancements, and expert support 24/7/365.


Major U.S. airlines, Class I railroads, Fortune 500 companies and public safety agencies rely on ScoutCare to keep their command center running smoothly and to ensure their teams have the most up-to-date dispatching software at their fingertips.


With ScoutCare, you’ll benefit from ongoing vulnerability testing and security enhancements, so you can be certain you’re benefiting from best-in-class protection for your command center investment.


Just like your Avtec Scout dispatch system itself, ScoutCare subscriptions are designed to grow with you as requirements change—giving you a scalable, service and support program, while helping you budget in advance for maintenance and upgrades. It’s all included in your subscription.

Maximize Your Dispatch System’s Availability

Ongoing software updates means ScoutCare keeps your team ahead of the curve—preventing issues before they occur. And should the unexpected happen, ScoutCare ensures incidents are resolved quickly, with minimal demand on your resources. Your ScoutCare subscription means you and your team can count on immediate technical support from our experts, 24/7/365.

Reduce Your Security Risks

Our team is constantly developing software updates and employs security testing best practices, so you can be assured that ScoutCare will deliver the latest protection against ever-changing cybersecurity threats.

Keep Your Software Updated

With ScoutCare, your team always has access to the latest Scout releases, which include not only feature enhancements but also new integrations with leading mission-critical communications tools and technologies. It’s all included as part of your subscription.

Receive Technical Training and Product Knowledge

Your ScoutCare license includes the opportunity for up to two team members to get in-person or online training as well as unlimited access to Avtec Connect, our web-based information portal.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Rather than paying per incident or need, your ScoutCare subscription helps you lock down a predictable console maintenance and support budget.

Ensure Comprehensive System Support

ScoutCare’s add-on hardware support program ensures your team can also reach out at any time to our team for our expertise as well as repair and replacement of Avtec hardware products and accessories. We even provide advance replacement equipment and expedited shipping options to address urgent issues promptly to minimize any disruption to your command center.

“With ScoutCare, we have 24/7/365 post-warranty technical support as well as an evergreen product because of the continual software updates. We see our relationship with Avtec as a true partnership.”

Terry LaValley, Radio Technology Services Director
Vermont Department of Public Safety and Vermont State Police

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