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Eventide Dispatch Communication Partner

About Our Alliance

Avtec and Eventide have partnered on a host of joint deployments, utilizing Scout with the Eventide suite of communications recorders via the VPGate. Eventide’s recorders can log and track VoIP audio sourced from Scout ­­ ranging from eight to 1,600 talk paths ­­ with the ability to track metadata including PTT ID, Talk Group ID, Caller ID and more.

Eventide's NexLog recording technology reliably captures, records, and archives the VoIP audio streams and call-related metadata from Scout consoles. The NexLog communications recorder has earned Gold-CE certification, the highest designation in Avtec's "Works with Scout" interoperability testing program, assuring that Eventide's recorders meet the stringent requirements for compatibility with the Scout console system.

Eventide NexLog Recording System
Eventide NexLog Recording System

About Eventide

Eventide NexLog Communications Recorders and software are designed to meet the specialized needs of critical communication users. Thousands of Eventide call recorders have been installed in more than 50 countries for Police, Fire, Ambulance, 9­1­1, Hospitals, Transportation Networks, Airlines, Air Traffic Control Centers, Utilities, Oil & Gas Facilities, Mining, Government Agencies, and Military.  Eventide fully meets its customers’ needs through outstanding Linux based system reliability, extensive compatibility, and continuous product innovation.

Eventide’s comprehensive product suite includes:

  • NexLog 740 and NexLog 840 Communications Recorders
  • MediaWorks PLUS Software for replay and incident management using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, and/or iOS.
  • Quality Factor Software for agent & call­ taker quality assurance measurement and scoring
  • Screen Recording for capture and replay of PC screen activity.

NexLog Application Features

Record and Playback Communications:

  • Select and/or unselect audio from Scout consoles.
  • Talk groups and conventional channels that are interfaced to the Scout system.
  • Calls on telephony circuits that are interfaced to the Scout system.

Console and Endpoint Metadata Capabilities:

  • Captures and displays endpoint identities and detailed activities.
  • Metadata and related events are accurately displayed on a graphical timeline.
  • Filter and find recording using metadata search tags.