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VoIP Dispatch Communications Company


A Tradition of Innovation

Avtec dispatch consoles have been the top choice for many critical operations centers for more than 40 years.


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Creating Safer Rail Transport

Troy Branning founded Avtec in August 1979 after a career in radio development and manufacturing with Comco, GE, and Wabco. The small engineering consulting firm specialized in serving the railroad industry. In 1981, Avtec launched the Advanced Concept Communications Exchange and Signaling System (ACCESS), a multi-user, computer-based, radio-telephone console system for the Atchison Topeka and Sante Fe Railroad. ACCESS was improved with redundancy and color touchscreen during the 1980’s, and was deployed by many of the major U.S. Railroads, including CSX, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Burlington Northern, Denver & Rio Grande . Many of these Railroads remain Avtec clients today.

Developing a Pure VoIP Solution

After 3 years of focused development, Avtec launched Scout, a pure VoIP console system built to run on Windows, in 2008. Originally targeted for smaller systems of 20 seats or less, Scout was an immediate success and led to rising sales for every year since it’s introduction. As investment continued in the product, adding more features and capabilities, it quickly overtook DSPatch and DSPatchNET. In 2012, the last new DSPatchNET console system was sold.

Bringing Mission-Critical to More Industries

In 1989, Avtec introduced additional improvements to ACCESS and began sales to other industries with intense dispatching and safety demands, including airlines, public safety, utilities and the U.S. military. In 1993, Michael Branning, an electrical engineer who joined the company in 1986, succeeded Troy Branning as President. In the same year, with expertise gained by serving clients such as Delta Air Lines, the California Highway Patrol, Toronto Ambulance, and Virginia Power, Avtec developed a next-generation console system: DSPatch.

DSPatch introduced a time division multiplexed (TDM) audio switch, audio processing with DSPs, and  an easy-to-use interface, set a new standard for fail-proof reliability. In addition to adoption by U.S. Railroad and Airline markets, the system also was deployed in many Utilities and Public Safety providers. In 2003, Avtec introduced DSPatchNET, a hybrid TDM-VoIP console system that retained much of the proven DSPatch hardware, while adding VoIP console capability.

Chosen by Industry Leaders

Today, more than 850 Scout systems are deployed in police, fire, air and ground ambulance dispatching; railroad main and yard ops; airline systems operation control centers; military bases; and, utility transmission and distribution centers. These systems range from one console position up to over three hundred, and include multiple sites networked together controlling thousands of base stations and telephony circuits.

Avtec’s 145-member team serves clients in a wide variety of capacities ranging from software and hardware design to manufacturing and support.