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Dispatch Console Webinars

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Public Safety Future of Dispatch Cybersecurity

The Future of Dispatch, Cybersecurity (part 3 of a 3 part series)

Emerging advancements in dispatch technology have provided public safety agencies with new and exciting capabilities. As 9-1-1 command centers acquire these next-generation products, the next logical step is to maximize efficiencies by integrating them with external data sources.

If only it were that simple.

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Future of Dispatch Technology Trends

The Future of Dispatch, Technology Trends (part 2 of a 3 part series)

Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) promises to provide public safety agencies with more robust multimedia information in the form of voice calls, text messages, data, photos and video that can be used to provide first responders with the information they need most. However, this welcomed upgrade in 9-1-1 information transmission poses a number of unique challenges. For example, what are the optimum input processes that can ensure easy access to the relevant data without overwhelming agency staff?

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Next Gen Dispatching Webinar Thumbnail

The Future of Dispatch, Next Generation Dispatching (part 1 of a 3 part series)

Historically, 911 operations have centered around voice communications (and a little bit of text messaging) in terms of both receiving emergency calls for help from the public and sharing information with first responders in the field. Today, video and rich data from a variety of sources—environmental sensors, mapping solutions, surveillance cameras, smartwatches, smart buildings, etc.—can provide lots of situational-awareness information to first responders in the field.

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Utilities Dispatch Center Cybersecurity Thumbnail

Utility Dispatch Center Cybersecurity — Protecting Third-Party Systems and Applications

Cyberattacks on utilities are becoming more frequent, more successful, and more dangerous. In this webinar, experts from Avtec, EDTS Cyber, and Motorola Solutions will take you step by step through best practices to prevent your dispatch operation's third-party systems and applications from becoming staging targets, commonly used by threat actors as pivot points to gain direct access to utility systems on shared networks.

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PPToC Webinar Thumbnail

Push-to-Talk over Cellular Technology and Interoperability

Push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) services provide an opportunity to let any user have a push-to-talk conversation while using a cellular device—a solution that many entities are using to extend the coverage of their LMR networks.

Join Avtec’s John Locatelli, as well as other panelists (Beau Sands, American Medical Response; Mike Newburn, Fairfax County, VA) as this on-demand webinar explores the OTT and carrier-integrated applications of PoC solutions, and how PoC can be a cost-effective option for users in transportation, hospital, utilities and city management.

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Energy Cyberesecurity Webinar Thumbnail

Energy Cybersecurity: Protecting Critical Communication Assets

Energy Cybersecurity: Protecting Critical Communication Assets presents a three-pronged approach to utility cybersecurity, a topic that has received heightened attention for well over a decade. Avtec will focus on system and application security. Cisco will discuss network considerations and vulnerabilities, including securing various network infrastructures. Contego will review self-assessments, NIST and NERC-CIP compliance, vulnerability, penetration, and white-box/black-box testing.

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Dispatch Beyond Boundaries for the Energy Market

When mission-critical communications are restricted by geography, hardware limitations, and/or cost, your businesses productivity, efficiency and reputation are all impacted. Our suite of dispatching and communication tools can help you overcome these challenges and transform the way you communicate.

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Utilities convergence megatrends webinar thumbnail

Utilities Convergence Megatrend

In this session, you’ll hear how one Florida utility leveraged new DMR Tier III open-standards technology to revitalize its communications system and to better serve its employees and consumers. But you’ll also learn how the latest in communications technologies are preparing this, and other, utilities for the convergence megatrend that will help them deliver the “Internet of Everything” (IoE) to consumers.

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Command Center Webinar Thumbnail

Command Center Migration to Broadband

In this 15 minute webinar you'll learn:

  • How migration to broadband LTE impacts analog radio assets
  • Ways to bundle broadband with digital radio and IP telephony
  • How broadband LTE devices can enable mobile dispatch

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Introducing the Mini SIP Console - Extend Your Scout System Communication to More Users Than Ever Before

Does your company have managers, supervisors, coordinators, or other users who need occasional access to a few radio channels? Avtec has the solution! Avtec introduces the Mini SIP Console, a hardware device that provides a new way to extend your current Scout™ dispatch system to even more users at an affordable price.

Join Adrienne Cooley, Avtec product marketing manager, and Melissa Cavallo, Avtec Account Manager, who will introduce you to the benefits of this versatile console device.

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AT&T Webinar Thumbnail

Dispatch Beyond Boundaries - How Avtec and AT&T Are Transforming the Communications Landscape

Avtec and AT&T are helping business enterprises economically expand their mission-critical communications to new frontiers utilizing AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk. AT&T’s close collaboration with Avtec, manufacturer of the flexible, interoperable Voice over Internet Protocol Scout™ dispatch console, gives business enterprises and mission support organizations the power to stretch barriers such as geography, hardware incongruity and cost.
Viewers of this webinar will learn how AT&T and Avtec can help your organization to solve the top 10 challenges of command and control in today’s dynamic communications environment. Watch today to gain valuable insights that can transform the way you approach your dispatch communications.

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Orbacom Webinar Thumbnail

The TDM to IP Migration — Migrating Your Legacy Orbacom Dispatch System

If your operations still rely on the legacy Orbacom TDM console, you may already be experiencing serious limitations — scarce replacement parts, minimal compatibility options, no means for expansion — that have convinced other organizations to ditch their Orbacom system in favor of a more reliable, IP-based dispatch system.

Orbacom Founder Bob Conroy leads an interactive discussion about the future of console technology and helps viewers understand the myriad benefits of switching to IP dispatch solutions.

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Best Practices for Telecom Migration Webinar Thumbnail

Best Practices for Utility Telecommunications Migration

As utilities transition to VoIP technologies, their need for converged transport of multiple communication media is increasingly critical. For many operating on analog radio systems today, a smooth migration path to digital, voice/data-capable LMR technologies is key, but it raises many questions.

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RIC-M Webinar Thumbnail

ASTRO Migration to IP with RIC-M

Most currently installed legacy equipment is not IP-capable or upgradable to IP, so total replacement is required when migrating to an IP-based system. Historically, this migration can be cost-prohibitive. Avtec's Radio Internet-Protocol Communication Module (RIC-M™) provides an affordable solution to this problem.

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The Evolving World of Command and Control

Dispatch centers are the heart of the command and control system for many organizations. It’s where all mobile field communications are routed for every group from government and public safety to transportation and utilities to organizations such as taxis, construction, private security, facilities management and even IT departments. Examine how technology is changing the traditional dispatch center including cybersecurity and IT considerations such as texting to 911, denial-of-service attacks and swatting.

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Interoperability Screen

Interoperability – Does the reality match the vision?

The APCO Project 25 digital radio standards suite and NENA’s i3 next-generation 911 architecture are designed in large measure to ensure interoperable communications between disparate systems and equipment. However, market forces often result in the reality regarding interoperability to be quite different than the original vision. In this webinar, an expert panel explores the current state of interoperability. Key questions that will be addressed include:

  • What are end-users’ typical expectations regarding interoperability?
  • What are more realistic expectations, and how can they be achieved?
  • Is it possible that systems and equipment could have proprietary features and still be considered interoperable?
  • What is the current state of P25 and i3 interoperability testing?
  • What are the best practices for ensuring interoperability?

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Collaboration of PSAPs without Consolidation

In this webcast, you’ll learn how to deploy an open-standard P25 digital radio solution and other common technologies to enable full-function exchange capability for dispatching.

Bonneville County, Idaho, leveraged a common P25 system over a shared IP network, deploying an open standard, P25 CSSI-compliant console system to deliver integrated resource access, and improve disaster planning and multi-agency interoperability across four counties.

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IP Migration Screen

How to Migrate to IP Solutions

Almost all forms of communications are moving to an Internet Protocol (IP) platform, but that doesn’t mean that making the transition to IP is easy. This is especially true for critical-infrastructure entities that must ensure that the reliability of their legacy communications—much of which was based time-division-multiplexing (TDM) technology—is met or exceeded within by new IP systems. Our panelists will discuss key components of making this migration, addressing everything from the beneficial business case to the technical challenges that can be encountered along the way.

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IPDispatchRecording Screen

Advantages of IP Dispatch and Recording (Powersouth)

Case Study on PowerSouth Energy located in Alabama and the advantages they experienced with IP Dispatch.

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AirlineForecast Screen

2014 Airline Industry Forecast

What will the year 2014 bring the commercial aviation industry? The experienced ATW and SpeedNews editorial team will discuss 2013 results and expectations for 2014 based on briefs from industry analysts, forecasters, manufacturers and organizations such as IATA. Presentations will also cover important topics traffic growth hotspots, aircraft orders and delivery rates, capacity management, the impact of the new merged American Airlines and US Airways, and regulatory and the environment expectations. Geographic regional outlooks will also be addressed.

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HurricaneIrene Screen

Hurricane Irene Disaster Recovery

Learn more about call center disaster recovery strategies from Vermont Emergency Management’s Chief of Field Operations Robert Schell. He coordinated the disaster recovery efforts during Hurricane Irene whose 80-mile-per hour winds and record flooding caused nearly $1 billion in damages, leaving thousands of Vermont residents without water or power. This session will cover different types of disaster threats and the advantages IP-based dispatching systems have in mitigating those situations. The guests will answer questions from participants about best practices in disaster recovery, lessons learned during Hurricane Irene, and why system redundancy matters for public safety answering points (PSAPs). This webinar originally aired on Oct. 20, 2011.

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PSAP MultipleTechnologies Screen

Integrating Multiple Technologies into Public Safety Dispatching

Discover how Buncombe County, NC integrated multiple technologies into public safety dispatching in this informative webinar from Public Safety Communications magazine.

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TDMtoIP Screen

Critical Considerations For Successful TDM to IP Migration

When it comes to the topic of TDM to IP migration, industry experts agree that it is a matter of when — and not if — utilities will make the move. The benefits of IP are well known, but at the same time, significant changes in technology can be scary. Learn about key considerations in planning or preparing for your own TDM to IP Migration.

Topics Include:

  • A comparison of TDM and IP.
  • Decentralizing for disaster preparedness.
  • Failover and redundancy.
  • Network-wide portability and login mobility.
  • Interoperability, integration, and flexibility.

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MultiVendor Screen

Benefits of Multi-Vendor Networks

Explore the advantages of multi-vendor networks with this Webinar featuring an award-winning deployment in Richardson, Texas. We’ll also discuss the benefits to pulling off this initiative, which will be moderated by Urgent Communications Editor Donny Jackson.

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