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Dispatch Integration Services

Project Management

Avtec is proud to have a continuous 40-year, 100% system acceptance rate. A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to each project to work with our clients from the time a system is ordered, through cut-over, acceptance, and hand-off to our post installation client support team. Our Project Managers are focused on planning, scheduling, coordinating, and controlling your projects to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of mission-critical services.

System Integration

Our System Integration Engineers (SIE) work in parallel with our Project Managers to implement our Scout solutions. Our Avtec Scout SIEs are the experts who provide on-site support to install and test solutions in the client's complex and mission critical environments. SIE focus during implementation is on the physical installation, configuration, testing, and interoperability with the client's network and communication systems. System cutover and acceptance is performed in partnership with client technical representatives to ensure total satisfaction with our integrated solution.

Professional Services

Avtec Professional Services are available to our clients both on-site and remotely by our team of Subject Matter Experts (SME). All of our professional service offerings are centered on Avtec solutions, and are focused on the mission-critical environments in which our systems are deployed.

Professional Services include:

  • System requirements development and system design
  • IT network consulting and analysis
  • Customized training for operators, maintainers, and administrators
  • Third party device analysis, testing and integration
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity planning and development
  • Solution upgrade or expansion planning and implementation
  • System moves/adds/changes
  • User interface design workshops and process improvements
  • Custom report development
  • Problem investigation and resolution
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Client Technical Support
Avtec’s dedicated team of in-house, U.S.-based engineers provide ultra-responsive, best-in-class support for our clients. Our warranty, ScoutCare software maintenance, and extended hardware maintenance programs are backed by Subject Matter Experts available to provide rapid support during normal business hours and also after hours for critical outages.

Schedule customized training classes on Scout at your location or at Avtec’s South Carolina headquarters. Implementation partners and new and existing clients can access a regular schedule of learning opportunities at Avtec headquarters to train new personnel or enhance console operation and expertise.