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Higher Ground Dispatch Technology Partner

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About Our Alliance

HigherGround® provides Avtec customers with the certainty and peace of mind of a reliable integration for faster system implementations and a dependable product lifecycle. Searching for specific tagged metadata within logged interactions to find and reconstruct recorded interactions is crucial for incident reconstruction and analysis in mission critical settings. HigherGround has successfully completed compatibility testing with the AvtecTM Scout IP dispatch console receiving Gold CE certification, Avtec’s highest compatibility level, for console and endpoint metadata.

About HigherGround®

HigherGround provides recording solutions for incident reconstruction in public safety and performance monitoring in contact centers. Calibre® is a best-in-class contact center recording solution that transforms captured interactions and associated metadata into intelligence, enabling decisions with certainty. This reliable and full­-featured business improvement tool enhances agent performance and optimizes operations to boost productivity, minimize risk, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs, which ultimately increases revenue. Capture911TM is a cost­ effective, reliable, multi­channel recording and incident reconstruction solution for critical communications in public safety. Easy­-to­-use and easily integrated into major console, radio and telecom systems, Capture911 exceeds NG9­-1-­1 standards and provides proactive monitoring and notification to ensure 24/7 system up time.

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