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Scout with MOTOTRBO

The Official Voice Dispatch Console Solution
for MOTOTRBO™ Radio Systems

Capacity Max • Capacity Plus Multi-Site • Capacity Plus • Connect Plus • IP Site Connect • WAVE™

Mototrbo Authorized Application Provider and Motorola Sold and Supported

Avtec Scout with MOTOTRBO Solutions

Scalable. Secure. Reliable. Proven.

Airports, utilities, amusement parks, manufacturing plants, hospitality venues: What do these places have in common? People. You don’t buy a communications system simply to facilitate talking. You buy it to protect your people, your assets and your business. When safety, productivity and reliability are paramount, you need a communications system from a company that understands what is important to you.

Avtec ScoutTM Enterprise consoles are the official dispatch solution for MOTOTRBO® radio systems, and can connect to MOTOTRBO systems through either a wireline or wireless connection. The Scout Enterprise product suite offers tight integration with all MOTOTRBO radio systems and connects via CSSI to Motorola P25 solutions, and via control station to conventional or trunked ASTRO® systems. In addition, Scout dispatch consoles integrate with the other standards-based and proprietary radio solutions, broadband Push to Talk over Cellular (POC) systems, and telephony technologies you use—giving you maximum flexibility to select the right technologies both inside the command center and in the field. And since the Scout Enterprise suite scales from one console to hundreds, you can count on a solution that grows with you over time, whether that means single-site, multi-site, regional, or mobile configurations.


Trusted by Industry Leaders

Avtec’s Scout dispatch consoles are used the leading U.S. airlines, dozens of utilities and Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of public safety agencies. Thousands of Avtec Scout console systems have been successfully deployed in most demanding control room and business environments worldwide.

Manufacturing, Service and Support Based in the U.S.

Clients can count on 24/7/365 support from a staff of dedicated Avtec employees and authorized channel partners. Many Motorola channel partners have completed Avtec training to provide local support for Scout system users.


ScoutCare™ is Avtec’s software maintenance and support program and is designed for clients who value the security and performance of their systems. As part of the subscription, ScoutCare provides for maximum system uptime with access to trained technical support specialists, among many other benefits, which enables you to focus on your core business and on managing your operations.

If you prefer to maintain your own Scout dispatch console system, Avtec includes administrator training as part of ScoutCare to provide you with the skills to service your own system. This comprehensive approach to customer engagement provides you with a reliable system and a team you can trust.

Avtec HQ Hero Image

Since 1979, Avtec has provided dispatch consoles that centralize and simplify the integration and management of disparate radio, telephony and broadband/LTE communications technologies. Today, as a member of the Motorola Solutions family, Avtec continues its legacy of innovating proven, trusted and reliable communication solutions for customers around the world.

Meet the Scout Family of Solutions

Avtec’s Scout Enterprise consoles are based on open standards, allowing the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with radio, telephony and POC broadband technologies. Scout consoles are deployed in fixed and mobile dispatch environments and provide secure, converged communications between different locations and regions. Scout meets all your dispatch center needs, whether simple, highly complex, or somewhere in between. Scout Enterprise dispatch consoles are available in four different models—E1, E4, E8 and EX. These can be mixed and matched across your network, allowing each of your dispatchers to be equipped with the right console for their job. You can upgrade your console seat license at any time to easily increase capacity whenever your requirements change.

The recommended replacement solution for MCC 5500 and MIP 5000

Scout EX

Avtec Scout EX is our most robust solution for conventional and trunked radio systems, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies. If you are a “power user” who manages hundreds of resources on a daily basis and need a secure, scalable and redundant console solution, you can depend on Scout EX.


Scout E8

Avtec Scout E8 gives your command center maximum value for a minimal investment. Scout E8 integrates with leading radio, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies. And because it is compatible with all Scout Enterprise products, you can easily expand your system as your operations center grows.


Scout E4

The Avtec Scout E4 console provides a cost-effective solution that is compatible with Scout EX and E8 consoles so you can add additional software licenses as needed. Like the entire Scout Enterprise family, Scout E4 dispatch consoles integrate with leading proprietary and standards-based radio, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies.


Scout E1

Avtec Scout E1 is a purpose-built hardware device that delivers a compact, reliable and affordable dispatching solution for up to four radio or LTE endpoints. These devices can stand alone, or work together in their own system. Since Scout E1 is compatible with all Scout Enterprise products, it can be easily expanded.

Why customers choose Scout Enterprise

Connect to the right people, every time

Regardless of the type of communication system you have, Scout Enterprise consoles can connect to it, providing you increased efficiency and collaboration. Avtec supports conventional and trunked radios with standards-based or proprietary interfaces, as well as broadband POC and telephony technologies. By providing support for legacy radio systems, Scout consoles can simplify your migration to a MOTOTRBO platform.

Need a reliable system?

Scout Enterprise consoles systems are fully redundant, support geographically dispersed architecture and are designed to maintain your operations in every situation.

Your workflow, your choice

Using Motorola Authorized Applications, you can customize your system to include GPS location and tracking, geofencing, text messaging, and fleet management capabilities. To increase efficiency in your center, Scout Enterprise’s flexible API allows you to control AUX I/O devices, SIP devices and peripherals, and integrate web-based resources such as cameras, video feeds, system monitoring, and weather applications.

Migrate or scale at your own pace

Build the size communication center you need now and protect your investment by adding capacity and capability as your needs grow and change. Since Scout Enterprise console components are fully interoperable with each other, you can build a system that can scale from one to 2000 endpoints or from one console to hundreds to meet your needs, even if your requirements are diverse and change over time.

Dispatch your way

Is your dispatch center located in one control room, or spread out across multiple locations in different cities or countries? Scout Enterprise allows you to set up, manage and control your system regardless of geography. Need to dispatch outside of the control room? Scout Enterprise consoles can be deployed on a laptop or a tablet—on-premise or in the field—to monitor and control operations while away from central dispatch and stay in touch with the individuals managing and responding to ongoing incidents.

Customize screens to your workflow

Need your screens to mirror a legacy console system to minimize training for your dispatchers? You got it. Have a specific workflow that requires a customized screen layout? No problem. Scout Enterprise consoles deliver the flexibility you need so your center can run at optimum efficiency.

Adheres to security standards for your peace of mind

Cybersecurity breaches are more prevalent than ever. Avtec’s Scout Enterprise is NERC-CIP/NIST 800-53 compliant to ensure your console system meets corporate and regulatory security requirements.

Logging recorders

Scout Enterprise consoles integrate with logging recorders from multiple partners, storing not only audio, but also metadata such as radio IDs and phone numbers, which makes it faster and easier to retrieve your recordings.

Console Comparison

Scout EX Scout E8 Scout E4 Scout E1
MOTOTRBO™ Integration
SMARTNET® / SmartZone™ Trunked Integration
P25 Trunk & Conventional Ph 1 & 2 (Includes ASTRO)
Harris EDACS® /  OpenSky® Systems
Enhanced Telephony X
AT&T Enhanced PTT
Verizon Push to Talk Plus
Cisco Instant Connect
Wave / ESChat
NENA Support (Headset Sharing) X
Dispatch Positions 800
800 800 800
Channels 2000 8 4 4
Audio Streams (Receive) 50 8 4 4
Audio Streams (Transmit) 20 8 4 1
Upgradable to Higher Capacity N/A
Permanent Patch
Instant Recall Recorders (IRR) / Log Recorders / Mobility X

"Great product. Excellent customer relations. Customer technical support second to none. You will thank the day you contacted this company if you are in need of a communications dispatch system."

Mike Thomas, Forestry Commission

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