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Scout with MOTOTRBO

The Premier Voice Dispatch Console Solution for MOTOTRBO

For detailed features and specifications, view our capability guides below:

Connect PlusCapacity MaxMulti-Site Capacity Plus • Capacity Plus • IP Site Connect

For more than 35 years, Avtec has provided radio dispatch consoles for business-critical operations centers. With the fourth-generation Scout console system, Avtec continues its legacy of providing proven, trusted, and reliable solutions to customers around the world.

Scalable. Customizable. Reliable. Interoperable.

Key benefits of Scout console systems:

Maximum Uptime

  • Resilient, scalable architecture
  • Redundant IP links to all MOTOTRBO trunked radio systems
  • Hot standby with automatic failover
  • No need to reboot after downloading updates
  • Fault tolerant—a single point of failure will disable no more than one endpoint or one console position
  • Centralized system management, diagnostics, and reporting tools for large-scale and multi-site systems

Operational Efficiency

  • Simultaneous support for multiple radio technologies for easy migration
  • Supports single-site and multi-site radio configurations across wide areas using an IP network
  • Advanced telephony with deep integration into IP phone systems from Cisco, Avaya, NEC and others
  • Minimal training
  • Maintains standard operating procedures and dispatch center workflows

Worker Safety

  • Talkgroup support allows you to listen to all sides of conversations
  • Collaboration with peers and supervisors
  • Monitor multiple channels simultaneously

Robust User Interface

  • UI can be designed to mimic legacy system to reduce dispatcher training
  • Dispatchers can login from anywhere and get their specific configuration
  • Barge-In
  • Supervisor Takeover
  • PTT Override
  • CommScapes for dispatchers who support multiple territories

Advanced Features

  • Mapping/GPS/Texting/Geofencing capabilities available with ADP partners
Sprint Screen

Learn more about the premier business-critical voice dispatch console solution.

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Business Critical Dispatch Operations

Connecting with Other Systems

Scout integrates with other ADP partner applications to extend system designs:

AVL and texting

Auxiliary I/O for remote control/status indication

Web-based video feeds or information portal information

Archival recording with metadata

IP-based PBX for telephony integration

Legacy radio systems for easy migration to MOTOTRBO

Mototrbo Authorized Application Provider

Motorola Solutions Sold and Supported Platinum Channel Partner

Motorola Solutions has awarded Avtec its highest partnership distinction—Platinum—based upon our longstanding successful collaboration. The Platinum distinction ensures that an investment in Scout consoles is protected—with support for new MOTOTRBO solutions available via software download. Scout is the top-tier console offered by Motorola Solutions.

Partnership in the Sold and Supported program provides benefits which include:

  • Test labs at both Avtec and Motorola Solutions, where each software release is put through extensive verification testing to ensure compatibility;
  • Alignment of product roadmaps and release dates to deliver continuous value to both new and existing customers;
  • Ongoing cross-training for support personnel from each organization.

Scout Brings Your MOTOTRBO System to Life

Avtec’s Scout offers to Motorola Solutions radio customers the most advanced features and benefits of any business-critical console.

For detailed features and specifications, view our capability guides below:

Connect PlusCapacity MaxMulti-Site Capacity Plus • Capacity Plus • IP Site Connect

Scout remains the premier top-tier console choice for the MOTOTRBO Connect Plus, Capacity Max, Linked Capacity Plus (LCP), and Capacity Plus trunking systems. With Scout at the heart of these systems, dispatchers enjoy a truly scalable, integrated communications platform based upon next-generation Professional Commercial Radio standards.

These systems offer features that extend the communications abilities across many industries:

  • Activity history with instant recall recorder
  • Call alerts
  • Console over subscriber priority*
  • Dynamic configuration without restarts
  • Emergency alert and call
  • Emergency notifications
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Group calls
  • Multi-site all call**
  • Multiple alert/progress tones
  • Polite console interrupt*
  • Private calls
  • Radio check
  • Radio enable/disable
  • Radio monitor
  • Site all calls*
  • System wide all calls
  • Talker ANI with aliasing
  • Wide area group calls

*Not available with Connect Plus
**Only available with Capacity Max

IP Site Connect

Scout also uses a wireline interface for MOTOTRBO Conventional IP Site Connect repeaters. This solution provides a method for communicating across dispersed geographical locations or physical barriers to extend the reach of a conventional two-way radio system. Customers have the flexibility of starting with a conventional system and upgrading later to a trunking system without changing console systems.

Avtec: A proven choice for dispatch consoles

Since 1979, utilities, transportation companies, public safety entities, and businesses have called upon Avtec for its expertise in manufacturing solutions for demanding communications environments. Avtec responded with:

Deep Roots in Dispatch Consoles

Scout reflects Avtec’s expertise in developing dispatch solutions for mission-critical environments.

Successful Project Track Record

More than 500 Scout console systems have been successfully deployed in demanding, mission- and business- critical environments throughout North America.

U.S. Based Manufacturing, Service, and Support

Clients and dealers can count on 24x365 support from a staff of dedicated employees.

Expansive North American Dealer Network

More than 200 Motorola dealers have received factory training from Avtec, to ensure efficiency, knowledge, and uptime for all Scout customers.

"Great product. Excellent customer relations. Customer technical support second to none. You will thank the day you contacted this company if you are in need of a communications dispatch system."

Mike Thomas, Forestry Commission

Avtec is a registered Motorola Application Development Partner.

MOTOROLA and the Stylized M logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

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