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Tait Communications Radio Dispatch Software

About Our Alliance

Avtec is a Founding Partner of Tait’s Technology Partner Program, which adds important value and ensures continual integration with the latest Tait solutions. As a Tait Communications radio partner, Avtec and Tait collaborate to develop applications and solutions for use on the open standards based P25, DMR, and MPT-IP voice and data platforms. By working together, this partnership seeks to further support and deliver the outcomes that matter most to our clients.

Tait recognizes the importance of Avtec's pure Internet Protocol (IP) dispatch console solutions for public safety, transportation, utility, business and government markets. Tait and Avtec work together to develop applications and solutions for use on open­-standards based Project P25 (P25), DMR, and MPT­-IP voice and data platforms.

The client insight Tait has gained from its Public Safety and Utilities client requirements, combined with the expertise of its Endorsed Technology Program Partners such as Avtec can result in flexibility and commercial success while providing the highest levels of quality and client satisfaction.

About Tait Communications

Tait’s clients protect communities, power cities, move citizens, harness resources and save lives all over the world. Tait is proud to work with these clients to create and support the critical communication solutions they depend upon.

Analog and digital wireless communication forms the central nervous system of everything Tait does. Around this resilient, robust core, Tait designs, develops, manufactures, tests, deploys, supports and manages innovative communication environments for organizations that have to put their total trust in the systems and people they work with. Tait has worked hard to develop genuine insight into its clients' worlds, and have pursued engineering, operational and services excellence for more than 40 years.

Tait News, Documents, and More

Integrated LMR, Voice Dispatch, and Mapping Solution Now Available for Public Safety Dispatch Environments

The capabilities of the Tait Communications P25 Land Mobile Radio (LMR) platform have been extended through collaboration between Tait Communications, Avtec, and Tallysman Wireless—three leading suppliers of LMR solutions. This collaboration has delivered a new solution for public safety customers called EnableLocation.

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Avtec, Tait Communications, and Tallysman, a developer of GPS products, partnered to create EnableLocation. This solution provides movement tracking and recording capabilities for LMR systems.

Recognizing our public safety customers' growing demands for enhanced functionality of a wireline connection for radio dispatching, EnableLocation enables the dispatcher to contact mobile workers for position, send and receive text or status messages, and perform voice dispatching with advanced services like encryption and emergency alerting via the console.

Together, Avtec and Tait delivered a unified critical communications network with reliable, mission-critical consoles and radios. This multi-vendor solution saved Panola County over $800,000 of tax-payer money.

According to Daniel Cole, Director of Emergency Operations, service from Avtec and Tait has been “Impeccable. Second to none. I would recommend Tait and Avtec to anyone that was considering radios.”