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Introducing the Mini SIP Console

Extend Your Scout System Communication to More Users Than Ever Before

Does your company have managers, supervisors, coordinators, or other users who need occasional access to a few radio channels? Avtec has the solution! Avtec introduces the Mini SIP Console, a hardware device that provides a new way to extend your current Scout™ dispatch system to even more users at an affordable price.

Approved and qualified in the Avtec testing labs, the Mini SIP Console is –


  • Provides a cost-effective option for extending connectivity to intermittent users
  • Offers a communication alternative to costly radio base stations

Easy To Operate:

  • Operates simply using easy press-release buttons
  • Installs with plug and play technology
  • Receives power via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or DC power supply


  • Serves as an easy-to-use PTT and monitor console
  • Easy to transport due to its small form factor


  • Connects up to four channels to the Scout dispatch system
  • Features high-quality audio
  • LED display

Join Adrienne Cooley, Avtec product marketing manager, and Melissa Cavallo, Avtec Account Manager, who will introduce you to the benefits of this versatile console device.