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The TDM to IP Transformation

Migrating Your Legacy Orbacom Dispatch System

When it comes to mission-critical communications, “end-of-life” can signify a new beginning for your next generation of dispatching operations.

If your operations still rely on the legacy Orbacom TDM console, you may already be experiencing serious limitations — scarce replacement parts, minimal compatibility options, no means for expansion — that have convinced other organizations to ditch their Orbacom system in favor of a more reliable, IP-based dispatch system.

Orbacom Founder Bob Conroy leads an interactive discussion about the future of console technology and helps viewers understand the myriad benefits of switching to IP dispatch solutions. He is joined by SC Forestry Commission's Mike Thomas, who successfully lead his organization's migration from an Orbacom TDM system to Scout, Avtec's pure VoIP dispatch console.

Benefits of IP Dispatch

  • Significant cost savings, both on hardware and physical locations;
  • Efficient and reliable dispatch operations, including mobility options;
  • Assurance that your investment is protected from obsolescence caused by technology evolution.

If you are asking yourself the same questions, watch the webinar above to learn from peers that have made the transition successfully.


Orbacom Webinar Speakers