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Cimarron Technologies Integration Partners

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About Our Alliance

Avtec has been a valued partner with Cimarron Technologies for many years.  Cimarron supplies rack­mounted channel cards for decoding legacy and specialty ANI formats, which Avtec integrates with its ScoutTM VoIP dispatch console.  Cimarron products provide a serial stream to Avtec that contains MDC­1200, FleetSync, GE Star and DTMF ANI information.

About Cimarron

Cimarron Technologies Corp. has been in business for more than 25 years, building reliable,proven ANI encoding and decoding products.  The company manufactures APCO P25, MDC­1200, FleetSync, and GE­STAR compatible Automatic Numerical Identification (ANI) products.  The products include numerous desktop, vehicular and rack mounted systems. Public safety, state correctional, public municipalities, taxi, towing, and fleet markets use Cimarron's ANI products.  The basic function of the ANI product line is the transmission of mobile radio identification to a Decoder Display unit or deliver this information serially to other infrastructures.  Other ANI functions provided such as Emergency and Man­-Down, help to enhance a user’s personal safety. Two­-way messaging is also available that allows the user to disable a radio, place calls to selected radios, alert a user that a call is waiting and verify that a radio is within range.