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Exacom Dispatch Technology Partner

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About Our Alliance

Avtec has been proud to partner with EXACOM in integrating the Hindsight-­G2 Next Generation recording platform in ScoutTM deployments. Hindsight­-G2 offers a multi­media solution that meets the stringent demands of public safety, homeland security, defense, utilities and transportation interests. The G2 platform features seamless integrations specifically for Avtec which provide the user with powerful search capabilities beyond the typical and standard search options.

About Exacom

EXACOM, Inc. was founded in 1986 as a New Hampshire based corporation chartered for the purpose of providing telecommunication technology research and product development and manufacturing services. Since then, EXACOM has grown to become a leading manufacturer of multi­-media recording solutions for public safety, homeland security, defense, utilities and transportation applications. EXACOM is known for a longstanding and ongoing commitment to providing quality engineered solutions based on the demanding requirements of the public safety/First Responder, utilities, transportation and defense industries. EXACOM accomplishes this through the development of innovative integration technologies for applications which require transitional technology. EXACOM Corporate Headquarters are located in Concord, NH.