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Best Practices for Utility Telecommunications Migration

How to Protect Your Investment for the Long Haul

As utilities transition to VoIP technologies, their need for converged transport of multiple communication media is increasingly critical. For many operating on analog radio systems today, a smooth migration path to digital, voice/data-capable LMR technologies is key, but it raises many questions:

  • What steps can you take to ensure that new equipment is interoperable with and seamlessly integrates into your mission critical operations today and your planned operations in the future?
  • What strategies will let you choose the radios, telephony, networking equipment, etc., that make sense for your company going forward?
  • How can you best protect your investment against obsolescence, while maintaining the flexibility and configurability necessary to accommodate new communication technologies in the future?

If you are asking yourself the same questions, watch the webinar above to learn from peers that have made the transition successfully.


Utility Telecom Migration Panelists: Hoyne, Kilbourne, Helming, Stahl