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The Future of Dispatch, Next Generation Dispatching (part 1 of 3)

Historically, 911 operations have centered around voice communications (and a little bit of text messaging) in terms of both receiving emergency calls for help from the public and sharing information with first responders in the field. Today, video and rich data from a variety of sources—environmental sensors, mapping solutions, surveillance cameras, smartwatches, smart buildings, etc.—can provide lots of situational-awareness information to first responders in the field.

In this webinar, our the expert panel will explore how the relevant parts of this new information will be identified and processed in a manner that is helpful to first responders. Doing this in a manner that does not overwhelm call-takers or dispatchers (often the same person in rural 911 centers) is a challenge for the industry. New skillsets are needed, new technologies like artificial intelligence are being considered, and traditional workflows may have to be altered to ensure that telecommunicators can remain focused on their missions and not be distracted by a tsunami of data.

Avtec and its partners will help provide the insight to examine trends and their impact through a lens for the next three years.