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Field Dispatch Console Features

Easy to use, easy to maintain.

Powerful, built-in tools let administrators create, test, deploy, and analyze custom system configurations.

Customizable User Interface

Scout has unparalleled configurability. Build customized screens by dragging and dropping or adjusting elements including window or pad sizes, text, screen orientation, web browser objects, map backgrounds, custom buttons, colors, fonts, button icons, and more. Even customize the audio experience based on the surrounding environment.

Use Scout Manager to develop unlimited screen configurations and assign them to one or all positions. All user interface elements are designed for error-free operation.

Multi-site Management

Scout can connect dozens of sites and hundreds of devices, regardless of geographical boundaries. The modular, IP architecture distributes system architecture while maintaining operational continuity and seamless functionality. Powerful enterprise management tools and central logging give administrators insight into vital system usage and details.

Multi-Site Management Infographic

In contrast to vulnerable single-site, hardware-intensive approaches, geographically segmented architecture ensures failover protection when disaster or crisis strikes. And, there’s no longer a need to maintain costly duplicate standby equipment.

Reporting & Diagnostics

Every Scout element reports to a centralized logging application, which provides detailed system behavior including audio diagnostics, console states, and component health. Major subsystems have log file capability to allow deeper analysis if necessary.

Use Scout Central Distributor (SCD) to track or export reports of all actions by all users. Generate several different reports including Call Activity, Dispatcher Activity, and Endpoint Activity reports.

SCD can send SNMP messages for alarms and events to up to four SNMP managers. Network administrators can view messages through an integrated management console.

Scout Manager

The Scout Manager application stores console screens and configurations in a single, easy-to-access location. Effortlessly push changes out across the entire system or to single positions with the security of multi-layer password protection.

In addition to reporting and management tools, Scout Manager, which runs on Windows, also allows system administrators to create user profiles and assign permission levels.

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