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Custom Dispatch Console Software

Control your entire system from one place.

Distribute settings and custom console controls across all components.

Architecture of a Scout System

Flexible, Scalable Pure IP Architecture

Scout is a collection of Windows software applications and services, running on standard PC hardware, that communicate over IP networks. Unlike legacy or competitor communications integration solutions, there is no backroom Time Division Multiplex (TDM) switch; Scout transmits radio, voice, and data over IP end-to-end. This allows systems to be installed with various combinations of localized or geographically distributed components required to meet the end user’s needs, as well as eliminates costly leased lines and dedicated infrastructure, both now and in the future.

Larger organizations often have multiple dispatching locations. The Scout architecture supports interconnecting over 100 independently survivable Scout systems. By using Avtec’s Frontier™, Scout offers efficient endpoint sharing between remote systems, via WAN-friendly unicast. Avtec has invested millions of dollars into scalability and stress testing, demonstrating a proven record of meeting these real-world requirements.

Connects With (Almost) Everything

Scout integrates all critical communications assets to enhance dispatch capabilities and efficiency. Scout also supports multiple protocols and interface standards with VPGate™, a modular VoIP gateway deployed in redundant pairs. Much like a computer supports multiple peripherals, VPGate's drivers support radio and telephony systems from companies like Airbus, Tait, Icom, Motorola, Cisco, Avaya, and others. With Avtec’s RoIP gateway, Outpost™, conventional push-to-talk radios, base stations, repeaters, and 2-wire POTS circuits can be easily integrated into an IP network.

Seamless integration with non-voice platforms is another critical component of Scout Console systems. Scout’s computer-aided dispatch (CAD) application programming interface (API) offers control of the console to other systems or user interfaces. Scout integrates with archival logging recorders from multiple partners; storing not only audio, but also metadata such as associated radio IDs and phone numbers, making retrieval easier. Scout can control IO devices, SIP devices, peripherals, and integrate web-based resources such as cameras, video feeds, and weather. In addition, Scout offers encryption via Key Fill Devices or Key Management Facilities.

Universal Components

Scout dispatch software, installed on commercial PC hardware running supported versions of Windows, transmits radio, voice, and data via standard networking equipment. Simplify procurement, configuration, sparing, and reduce total life-cycle costs by utilizing products already familiar to IT teams and similar to existing network infrastructure.

A key benefit of Scout is the ability to maintain existing LMR and DMR hardware when replacing an aging communications system. Avtec's Outpost controls non-IP radios via direct or remote interfaces, lowering the total cost of an upgrade.

Although a system can be built completely with standard third-party hardware and peripherals, Avtec offers multiple optional hardware accessories. Many customers opt for the dedicated Scout hardware audio package and rugged dispatch hardware (speakers, headset, desk microphone, jack box) that improve the dispatcher’s user experience.

Management Friendly

Pure IP architecture allows authenticated system administrators to remotely access, update, or modify every component within a Scout system through the Scout Manager application. In the event of an issue, centralized alarm notifications and extensive remote diagnostic tools are integrated to support fast resolution. As organizations grow and communications networks become more complex, these capabilities allow IT staff to operate efficiently and effectively.

Scout captures detailed activity statistics and offers extensive reporting tools and data to help those in charge make informed decisions. By optimizing staffing and workflows, operator stress can be better managed, resulting in improved decision-making and lower turnover.

Because Scout passes metadata along with audio activity to archival logging recorders, incident recreation and diagnostic ability is enhanced for both training and legal purposes.

Designed for Maximum Uptime

Mission-critical operations depend on Scout systems to operate with 100% availability, even during maintenance. This is achieved through centralized administration and storage of configurations, with remote caching to ensure survivability. All configuration parameters, even audio levels, can be modified and made available immediately without rebooting components. In addition, all software upgrades are forward and backward compatible to allow single components or small groups to be updated individually, leaving the balance of the system in its current operating state.

System Resiliency

Scout enables resilient system designs proven to continue operation in a number of disaster scenarios and offers N+1 redundancy with automatic fail-over for many components. Robust configuration options ensure active endpoints continue to be accessible from all console positions, even if an entire site is offline. Because Scout consoles have free-seating login capabilities, even radio dispatch equipment failure can be quickly mitigated by moving to a spare position, logging in, and resuming work.

A 35-year tradition of 100% acceptance and uninterrupted product support.

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