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Your dispatch communications platform needs to offer the freedom to select the right tools for the job.

Avtec’s Scout suite of solutions integrates with a variety of legacy and next-generation radio, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies – giving you the flexibility to choose what’s best to meet your mission-critical communications challenges.

Avtec Integrations Trunked Land Mobile Radio NG911 Push to Talk Over Cellular Conventional Land Mobile Radio Computer Aided Dispatch Logging Recorders Telephony (SIP & Analog)

Did You Know?

We Can Help with Your Migration

Whether you manage a single command and control center or dispatch from multiple fixed and mobile locations that must interoperate reliably, Avtec’s experts will work with you collaboratively to develop a technology solution and migration plan to support a smooth transition for your team.

Our GUI is Customizable

What your team needs on console screens is unique to your workflow and processes. Avtec Scout’s completely customizable graphical user interface gives you full control to set up screens that provide your dispatchers with exactly what they need to get the job done easily and efficiently.

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