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Push-to-Talk Over Cellular

Support for your PTToC communications is built into every Avtec Scout console.

Whether you use carrier-integrated or carrier-agnostic applications, the Scout console incorporates all of your broadband- and LTE-based communications, making them seamlessly interoperable with other technologies.

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Compatible Interfaces

Avtec's Scout VoIP console system integrates seamlessly with next generation push-to-talk (PTT) platforms to provide console access to advanced features supporting cellular PTT subscribers.

Broadband PTT combines the operational advantages of PTT with the interference resistance and other virtues of mobile phones. Broadband PTT is a way of communicating via cellular phone within or between one or several groups of users, allowing customers to use cellular phones in a way similar to a walkie-talkie. By simply pressing a key on the phone, every member of a group can hear the talker simultaneously and immediately. Any phone or computer capable of IP communication can operate as a Broadband PTT client.

Broadband PTT has the potential to reach millions of end users, supporting PTT over 3G, 4G LTE, 5G and Wi-Fi networks. IP-based Broadband PTT transmits voice as data packets over the data channel of a cellular network. It can be deployed across multiple devices and platforms and can integrate with existing Wi-Fi, IP-enabled PBX, and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems. Its interoperability with existing two-way radio systems can ease the transition from LMR systems to cellular solutions.

Broadband PPT – Capability Guide

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Carrier–integrated Brands

Carrier-independent Brands

Scout's PPToC Capabilities include:

  • Activity History with integrated Instant Recall Recorder (IRR)
  • Group Call
  • Patch
  • Channel Marker
  • Console Priority
  • PTT ID with Alias (ANI)

For full explanations of the Scout console’s PTToC compatibilities, access our Broadband PTT Capability Guide 4.9

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