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Logging Recorders

You can be confident the logging recorder that best suits your needs is compatible with Scout consoles.

Scout systems capture voice and metadata with ease thanks to our integrations with leading logging recorder providers. Don't see your logging recorder of choice listed? Our industry-leading “Works with Scout” program can verify that your logging recorder of choice is compatible and interoperable with Scout consoles.

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Compatible Interfaces

The Scout console provides a seamless interface to a solution for capturing audio with an analog or Internet Protocol (IP) logging recorder for conversations. Scout has the capability to capture per endpoint or per console audio.

To keep a record of audio for archival purposes, a dispatching center frequently captures incoming and outgoing audio on a logging recorder which can record audio on radio channels or telephone lines continuously. The source of the recorded audio can be an endpoint or the console, and the recorder can be a dedicated recorder or a computer using audio recording software.

Logging recorder capabilities are critical to facilitating forensic incident reconstruction and investigation analysis. They are particularly vital in mission-critical settings, such as 911 emergency call centers and dispatch environments for utilities, airlines and railroads.

As part of Avtec’s interoperability assessment program, call-recording vendors are evaluated on a set of rigorous criteria and can earn one of three designations – bronze, silver or gold.

All three levels must support audio capture and playback, which is the lone requirement for the bronze level. The silver level includes the added requirement of providing a recorder configuration guide for the Scout console. The gold level is the highest designation, requiring the added capability of capturing and displaying metadata, as well as performing searches on metadata tags.

Logging Recorders – Capability Guide

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