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Computer-Aided Dispatch

Avtec's Scout consoles interface seamlessly with your CAD applications.

This means your dispatchers will enjoy the time-saving efficiency that comes from the ability to communicate with and control your Scout communication resources from your CAD application.

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Compatible Interfaces

The Scout console can connect to various external entities for dispatch center operations to extend the system's capabilities. The external entities include Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) systems, Internet browser windows, SNMP manager applications, and remote devices for operation or observation.

The console includes an API which can be used to connect it to an outside CAD system to perform a subset of the Scout console functions. The connection to a CAD could be used to change endpoint states, send pages, and issue unit-to-unit radio commands.

For Internet browser support, the Scout User Interface can be configured to include connections to specific, dedicated URL addresses. Each browser connection can be configured to connect to one Internet location that a dispatcher might need. For example, many customers use a browser window to connect to a weather site. The Scout System Administrator also uses a browser connection to link the Dispatcher Online Help to the Scout User Interface.

External Connections – Capability Guide

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