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Scout Enterprise Dispatch Platform for Aviation

Every second matters to dispatchers working to get flights from point A to B most efficiently and passengers transported safely. There are many variables, but one thing must be certain—your means for communicating with stakeholders no matter their locations, on the ground or in the air. For over 40 years, aviation professionals have put their trust in Avtec and its mission- critical dispatch communication technology.


Avtec Scout™ systems are found in the control centers of seven major U.S. airlines and in large corporations that utilize aircraft to fulfill operations. These consoles enhance collaborative decision-making, reduce fuel costs and effectively manage air and ground communications—results of our direct and ongoing work with flight dispatchers as well as our longstanding support of such industry organizations as Airline Dispatchers Federation (ADF) and the International Federation of Airline Dispatchers Association (IFALDA).

With more than 1,200 systems deployed, Avtec is also the business partner of choice for the majority of Class 1 railroads, dozens of other Fortune 500 companies, numerous manufacturers and utilities, as well as countless public safety agencies.


The flexible design of Avtec Scout’s platform allows it to easily adjust to meet changing business requirements. Systems can be consolidated to one location, redistributed to many locations or augmented to accommodate growth. In the event a mobile or remote disaster recovery site becomes necessary, Avtec Scout allows easy access of flight dispatch resources from anywhere.


Effective flight management requires reliable voice communication with superior audio quality for situational awareness. Built on open standards, Scout’s dispatch consoles permit seamless integration of leading third-party technologies, helping simplify upgrade and migration strategies and protect your investments. For added peace of mind, Avtec’s ScoutCareTM program provides post-warranty software and hardware maintenance, including the latest updates and security patches, as well as training and 24/7/365 technical support.

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Why Avtec Scout?

The need for reduced costs of flight operations, while ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and aircraft safety, has never been more paramount. And, it’s all these demands that rest on the shoulders of dispatchers, who may manage dozens of flights at once and take consistent problem calls that require solving on the spot. Avtec’s Scout Enterprise family of solutions helps them mobilize critical resources and share vital info through:

Mission-Critical Reliability

Reduce risk and ensure your ability to maintain operations with Avtec Scout’s reliable, integrated voice communications that provide:

  • Built-in redundancies and automatic failover for “always on” availability.
  • One-touch access to manage air/ground radios versus multiple touches across disparate tools.
  • Pure-IP communications from the desktop to the radio infrastructure, helping dispatchers work together for collaborative decision-making (CDM).
  • Support of multiple radio standards: EUROCAE ED-137, DMR Tier II and III, MOTOTRBOTM Connect Plus, MOTOTRBOTM Capacity Plus Multi-site.
  • Support of U.S. Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 121.99 requirements for rapid and reliable voice communications.
  • Rigorous testing for vulnerabilities prior to each software release, demonstrating a commitment to cybersecurity.

Integration Flexibility

Be more efficient in air-to-ground communications, ramp operations and maintenance operations with Avtec’s Scout Enterprise platform that offers:

  • A single-source code for integration of your chosen communications tools—legacy and next generation radio, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies—in both fixed and mobile dispatch environments.
  • Support of IP-based logging recorders, IP-enabled radio base stations, flight tracking systems and IP-enabled PBXs from leading vendors such as Cisco and Avaya.
  • Support of USB Keypad for telephony-centric control centers.
  • The ability to listen to Air Traffic Control’s Strategic Plan of Operation (ATC SPO) and related hotlines.

Ease of Use

Help dispatchers, operators and administrators ease their burden and be most effective with such features and benefits as:

  • A simple, yet intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), allowing screen pads and data to be customized for each dispatcher’s workflows, reducing training time.
  • Setup of screens in portrait mode, permitting more screen pads, and use of custom colors, enabling easy recognition of screens, tabs and pads for faster response.
  • Simplified maintenance with an “IT friendly” system.
  • Configuration of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) messages to notify system administrators of alarms and events.

Meet the Scout Enterprise Family

Avtec Scout EX

Scout EX

Avtec Scout EX is our most robust solution for conventional and trunked radio systems, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies. If you are a “power user” who manages hundreds of resources on a daily basis and need a secure, scalable and redundant console solution, you can depend on Scout EX. It enables dispatchers to monitor up to 50 audio streams and 2,000 channels from fixed or mobile command centers.

Avtec Scout E8

Scout E8

Avtec Scout E8 gives your operations center maximum value for a minimal investment. Scout E8 integrates with leading radio, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies. And because it is compatible with all Scout Enterprise products, you can easily expand your system as your operations center grows. It is ideal for managing up to eight audio streams and eight channels at a time.

Avtec Scout E4

Scout E4

The Avtec Scout E4 console provides a cost-effective solution that is compatible with Scout EX and E8 consoles so you can add additional software licenses as needed. It manages up to four audio streams and eight channels at a time. Like the entire Scout Enterprise family, Scout E4 dispatch consoles integrate with leading proprietary and standards-based radio, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies.

Avtec Scout 100

Scout E1

Avtec Scout E1 is a purpose-built hardware device that delivers a compact, reliable and affordable dispatching solution for up to four radio or LTE endpoints. These devices can stand alone or work together in their own system. Since Scout E1 is compatible with all Scout Enterprise products, it can be easily upgraded.

Partnerships that enhance your communications

Avtec Scout’s single-source code platform allows it to easily work with best-in-class solutions, including those of Motorola Solutions. Specifically, Avtec Scout integrates with:


These professional two-way radios are often relied on for ramp control operations and allow personnel in the ramp tower to coordinate with those on the ramp regarding fueling, catering, aircraft maintenance and customer service. Yet, no matter the need, MOTOTRBO devices provide outstanding range, battery life, responsiveness and portability, enabling more effective collaboration and operations.


This enterprise-grade private broadband outperforms Wi-Fi for teams that need to share information quickly and efficiently, while offering airport visitors and others enhanced guest access. Nitro also provides unmatched simplicity control as the first fully-managed Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), removing the hassle of managing your network.


A subscription-based group communication service, WAVE offers push-to-talk (PTT) options that work the way you do. Whether using broadband PTT devices or the WAVE PTT mobile app to turn a smartphone into a PTT handset, employees are easily connected no matter their device, network or location, helping ensure the integrity of airline or business operations.


These video security, video analytics and access control solutions provide the right information at the right time. Avigilon cameras, for example, can be deployed at the ramp to view aircraft and personnel. This insight can be shared in the operations center, allowing flight dispatchers to know what’s going on at any airport. Improved situational awareness enhances their ability to make decisions on aircraft and crew placement for more efficient operations.

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