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Our pure IP dispatch solution delivers one-touch access to air and ground communications systems, assuring complete and accurate compliance of FAR Part 121.99.

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Scout for Aviation

Every second matters to dispatchers working to get flights from point A to B most efficiently and passengers transported safely. There are many variables, but one thing must be certain—your means for communicating with stakeholders no matter their locations, on the ground or in the air. For over 40 years, aviation professionals have put their trust in Avtec and its mission- critical dispatch communication technology.

Avtec Scout EX

Why Choose Avtec Scout?

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Superior Design

Avtec's Scout console supports multiple radio standards and integrates with standard components, allowing you to build a best-of-breed solution configured to meet your exact specifications. Simple, customizable GUI screens and flexible, IT-friendly architecture makes life easier for both operators and administrators. Automatic failover minimizes potential downtime scenarios, while distributed system design supports dispatcher collaboration.


Enterprise-wide Value

Our fully customizable system helps reduce your training requirements and improves flight operations for your entire dispatching operation. Simple paths for upgrades and migrations ensures your Scout system returns value for many years to come. System support is available from anywhere on the network, and statistical reports can be easily generated, allowing your administration team to deliver even more value.


Operational Control

Scout consoles help dispatchers safely manage air-to-ground communications with integrated, one-touch access to radio and telephone line pads, ramp and maintenance operations, meteorology, web tools, desk-to-desk intercoms, and MED-Link patching.


Exacting Performance

For more than 35 years, the world’s leading airlines have relied on our customizable consoles in one of the world’s most demanding environments: airline operational control. Scout is built to uphold the rigorous safeguards and redundancies of mission-critical airline operations.

Deploy a single efficient system with the guaranteed reliability mission-critical operations — and the mission-critical people who run them — demand: Scout.

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Everything worked the first time – Avtec has been a superior vendor for us.

Dave Wotton Southwest Airlines Chief Dispatcher