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Our pure IP platform links locomotive, yard, wayside, intermodal, transit and dispatch personnel for safe, efficient rail control. Manage railway dispatch and operational continuity with a single flexible communication console.

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Scout for Railroad

Railroad performance success can be measured in many ways—from ever-critical personnel and rail network safety metrics to major operational metrics, such as railcar velocity and dwell time, train speed and/or train length. They all require clear, reliable communications. That’s where Avtec® Scout™ dispatch consoles come in.

Avtec Scout EX

Why Choose Avtec Scout?


Scalable Solutions

  • Open-standard IP infrastructure
  • Enterprise, multi-site, management capability
  • Highly-customizable GUI user interface
  • System redundancy for 24/7/365 availability
  • Supports leading digital and analog radio technologies
  • Supports IP-based and analog telephony platforms
  • Seamless voice logging recorder integration
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Optimize Operations

  • Ensure safe track control and operations
  • Improve scheduling and velocity
  • Simplify upgrades and migration
  • Optimize IT network bandwidth usage

Realized Savings

Providing no-fail, system-wide communications is one aspect of a dispatching solution. By using a COTS-based (commercial off-the-shelf) hardware platform in our pure IP console system, railroads can leverage non-proprietary PC, server, and IP networking equipment, which ensures business continuity, and provides a scalable system that delivers safe, efficient operations at significant savings over legacy technologies.


Supports Common Interfaces

  • Standard analog FM
  • NXDN for both conventional and trunked modes
  • DMR Tiers II & III
  • MOTOTRBO complete system suite
  • P25 for both conventional and trunked modes
  • Traditional and IP-based PBXs

Proven Performance

With failure-proof performance and profit-enhancing productivity, the Scout family improves operational efficiency and keeps workers, equipment, and railways safe. That’s why today, most railroad networks choose Scout dispatch consoles, including:

  • 70% of Class I railroads in North America
  • Hundreds of short-line, regional, and transit railroads in the United States
  • All the leading freight railroads in Mexico and South America


Safety is the top-priority of all freight and transit railroad operations, and clear communication is the key to achieving and maintaining safe operational environments. From a Scout console, your dispatchers can safely and efficiently manage:

  • Locomotive and track side two-way radio communications to the dispatch center.
  • Yard, intermodal, station and maintenance facilities activity
  • Disaster recovery operations

Meet The Scout Enterprise Family

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Avtec’s innovative VPGate platform and Outpost radio interface provides for an easy integration into CSX’s existing IP network, which will modernize our rail yard.

Craig King CSX Communications and Signals