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Utility Dispatch Communication Consoles

The dispatch console powering 50+ global utilities.

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Avtec's Utility Solutions

Scalable. Secure. Reliable. Proven.

Leveraging the Scout console with Telephony, Land Mobile Radios (LMR), and LTE broadband technologies, Scout consoles offer a centralized communications platform for utility dispatch command centers.

The pure IP platform provides reliable voice communications, dispatching, and data logging management.


Scout Enterprise

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Avtec Advantage

In the energy sector, the reliability of your dispatch solution is paramount. No utility wants to be exposed to vulnerabilities. Avtec partners with energy customers to eliminate those vulnerabilities and ensure maximum system uptime and high availability of communication resources.  As a leading provider of advanced dispatch solutions, and we excel specifically in the energy space in 4 key ways:

Mission Critical Reliability

Ultimately, you want a dispatch solution that simplifies your life and eliminates worry. The dispatch room can’t have downtime, so you need a solution to work 100% of the time. Even during natural disasters, Avtec ensures 100% uptime though a system that is:

  • Survivable
  • Redundant
  • Available

We created our system to have the highest level of resiliency through distribution, redundancy, automatic failover and high availability. For over 35 years, companies have trusted us to deliver best-in-breed technology solutions. Our single software version provides stability and mitigates against unruly customization management. Avtec provides the energy sector with proven, trusted, reliable solutions to protect the lives and resources at stake for our customers.


This issue is no longer industry jargon. With cyberattacks on the rise, energy companies are often cited as possible targets of those with the intent to disrupt and destroy. As communications become more challenging to secure, we have advanced our services to provide optimal product integrity.

After a rigorous assessment process, our Scout console system has been designated as compliant with the requirements of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC-CIP) plan and the security controls of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-53. These certifications speak to the lengths we go to in our efforts to keep our systems fully secure.

The use of open sourced protocols by suppliers has increased exposure to hacking. We’ve created our software so that, even if it is hacked, it won’t provide access to the grid. Our dispatching solutions protect system data, prevent unauthorized access, and assure maximum readiness. All while maintaining system availability and operational continuity.

Ease of Use

Having a reliable, secure system is fantastic, but your team still has to be able to use it. The look of our dispatch solutions is fully customizable, so you can create a dashboard that helps your team navigate the system efficiently and effectively. We can even mimic the layout of your previous system, while implementing our backend reliability and security. Our system provides:

  • Business Continuity – Role based access enables system-wide location flexibility
  • Operational Efficiency – Customer defined configurability allows: standardized templates and site-specific profiles dependent on business needs
  • Unparalleled Navigation – Optimizing access to all resources without cluttering the desktop

Cost of Ownership

Because of the reliability and scalability of Avtec’s technology, the dispatch system you purchase from us will be the last system you’ll ever need. Our system is so flexible and easy to upgrade, the ultimate cost of ownership over the lifetime of the system is less than others on the market.

The following factors contribute to the low cost of our system over its lifespan:

  • Communication Convergence – Integrated EPTT, radio and telephony solutions enabling complete and seamless access to critical field resources
  • Integration Flexibility – Supporting multiple generations of communication technologies enabling choice and growth
  • Evergreen Evolution – Software based platform affords technology migration
  • Simplified Maintenance – Browser accessible, centralized administration of distributed system
  • Corporate wide standard – Single platform supporting multiple business functions
  • Scalability/Extensibility – Modular architecture supporting system expansion in LAN/WAN multisite configurations while integrating simultaneous voice technologies

If you still have questions about how Avtec’s dispatching solutions can integrate into your operation, connects with us, and we’ll provide the answers you’re looking for.

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Meet the Scout Enterprise Family

Scalable. Secure. Reliable. Proven.

Scout consoles offer a centralized communications platform for utility dispatch command centers. The pure IP platform provides reliable voice communications, dispatching, and data logging management.

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