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Our pure IP platform integrates voice communications into one easy-to-use console. An open-standard design and customizable user interface make training and using Scout fast and intuitive.

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And dozens of other companies in the Fortune 500

Scout for Business

For leading companies, every second matters and disruptions in service often come with significant costs. Whether in manufacturing, healthcare, or any operation with a campus that needs to be secure at all times, our dispatch communications consoles help ensure your teams are always connected with smooth, reliable communications.

For over 40 years, companies of all sizes have put their trust in Avtec and its mission-critical dispatch communication technology.

Avtec Scout EX

Why Choose Avtec Scout?

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Business-friendly Design

Modernize communications from analog and site-based to agile and distributed in one easy-to-use console. Scout is a pure IP solution with the industry’s most customizable interface. The software-based system supports narrow banding mandates and operates on nonproprietary hardware for seamless scalability, simplified training, and guaranteed reliability.


Enterprise-wide Value

Our fully customizable system helps reduce your training requirements and improves operations for your entire dispatching operation. Simple paths for upgrades and migrations ensures your Scout system returns value for many years to come. System support is available from anywhere on the network, and statistical reports can be easily generated, allowing your administration team to deliver even more value.

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Turn-key Communications

Avtec's integrated VoIP platform delivers a modern communications backbone that connects all your endpoints regardless of their underlying technologies. A fully configurable interface ensures smooth transition from legacy systems and a best-in-class experience for dispatchers.

24x365 fail-safe operation that supports recording and video keeps your operations secure at all times. By integrating with mapping, texting applications, and more, you can benefit from a mission-critical communications system that leverages the latest developments and capabilities.


A Proven Provider

Scout is the trusted choice in command and control communications with over 100 installations in Fortune 500 companies. The reliable, flexible solution has been successfully deployed in mining, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, universities, casinos, and manufacturing applications.

For a flexible, reliable, communication system that’s also the first choice console of major radio manufacturers: think Scout.


Business-critical Reliability

Scout interfaces directly with LMR, broadband PTT, telephony systems, and more, enabling your communications infrastructure team to build a best-of-breed solution that matches your organization's unique needs.

Even complex systems deliver speed of response with console priority and emergency call capabilities, protecting worker safety and coordinating campus and site security in ways unavailable when relying on disparate communications systems.

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Avtec is a great company who stands behind their products. They were available to assist us throughout the project, from beginning to end.

Jamie Olson Vice President, FM Communications