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Our pure IP platform links dispatchers and endpoints through an easy-to-use console. Open architecture and a customizable interface modernize and simplify communications.

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US National Park Service Vermont DNR Vermont Air National Guard Montana Air National Guard South Carolina Forestry Commission Stewart 105th Air Wing

And many other governmental organizations of all sizes

Scout for Government

Personnel tasked with maintaining governmental land, facilities, and more depend on reliable command and control communications to stay informed, make the right decisions, ensure safety and respond with the right resources as quickly as possible. The Scout Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) dispatch console delivers all of the above in a secure, P25-compliant system that seamlessly integrates with legacy and open standards technology to deliver no-fail communications during day-to-day operations or the most difficult emergencies.

Avtec Scout EX

Why Choose Avtec Scout?


Pure IP Platform

Avtec's Scout dispatch console is a full-featured, software-based solution built on open-standard architecture. Redundancy ensures continuous operation, and no centralized or proprietary hardware provides high levels of system resiliency.

This P25-compliant system supports legacy technology and can easily combine them with modern hardware and software solutions to build a best-of-breed solution. A user-configurable interface means your console can exactly match your dispatchers' preferences and expectations.


Trusted Partnership

Choose Scout for voice communications and partner with a 30-year industry leader.

Not only are Scout’s fully configurable screens designed to speed user training and adoption, they also can be customized per user. Thanks to ongoing system development, Scout users have the confidence of regular, feature-rich software upgrades as well as very highly rated client support.


Proven Performance

Today, Scout’s pure IP platform is the trusted force behind heavy-duty dispatching at major airlines, Class 1 railroads, public safety agencies, and businesses across the U.S. and North America. While hundreds of Scout systems are in service in mission critical environments, we’re equally proud of the successful, long-term partnerships we’ve built with many leading radio manufacturers.

Trust your communications to the system that delivers security, advanced capabilities, and exceptional service: Scout.

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Great product. Excellent customer relations. Customer technical support second to none. You will thank the day you contacted this company if you are in need of a communications dispatch system.

Mike Thomas South Carolina Forestry Commission