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For more than 40 years, Avtec has provided mission-critical dispatch technology for nearly every aspect of the public safety industry, ranging from individual cities and counties to regional and statewide networks.

See how Avtec Scout transforms public safety dispatch

Dispatch is Evolving Emergency Communications

See how smaller municipalities can overcome the budgetary hurdles that tend to restrict the quality of emergency response they provide. At the core of their success is the Avtec Scout dispatch console.

A Future-ready Facility for Nassua County

With over 200,000 incoming calls per year, the Nassau County, NY Fire & Rescue needed flexibility in communications and dispatcher user experience. Avtec’s Scout system proved to be the strong a reliable system they needed.

Proudly Supporting

Anderson County Sheriff's Office Hamblen County 911 Meriden Police Nassau County 156 New Mexico- State Police North Carolina Buncombe County Sheriff's Office Richardson Texas Whitcom County Communications MACC 911 City of San Luis Obispo

And hundreds of other public safety organizations

Scout for Public Safety

Emergency response personnel depend on reliable command and control communications to stay informed, make the right decisions, ensure safety and respond with the right resources as quickly as possible. The Scout Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) dispatch console delivers all of the above in a secure, P25-compliant system that seamlessly integrates with legacy and open standards technology to deliver no-fail communications during day-to-day operations or the most difficult emergencies.

Avtec Scout EX

Why Choose Avtec Scout?


Built on Internet Protocol (IP) technology, Scout is designed around an inherently scalable and redundant architecture with components that can easily be distributed across networks to mitigate the risk of loss.


Scout uses software interfaces to connect with third-party endpoint devices, providing a dynamic, scalable, and extensible platform that easily accommodates new and legacy technologies.

Concurrent support of open standards and proprietary radio and telephony protocols makes Scout the ideal solution for supporting communication technology migration plans and building a future proof solution.


Scout provides an extremely customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI). Administrators can customize screens to be intuitive for dispatchers, allowing them to manage communications more efficiently and respond faster during emergencies. Screens can even be configured to mirror legacy systems, helping reduce dispatcher training time.


Scout’s VPGate™ gateway is designed so a failure will not affect operations. In fact, VPGate is normally licensed in a redundant configuration to further maximize system up time during unexpected failover scenarios.

Scout's failover capability provides a highly resilient system design that can continue to operate in a variety of mission critical scenarios. This capability ensures that the endpoints assigned to the VPGate continue to be available for uninterrupted operation from all console positions.

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Clear voice communication is critical to the safety and success of our missions, and Avtec delivered the clarity we demand.

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