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Dispatch Console Solutions for Campus Security


Scout for Campus Security

Ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and staff on campus is a top concern for universities nationwide. Campus operations and security personnel depend on reliable command and control communications to stay informed, make the right decisions, ensure safety, and respond with the right resources as quickly as possible. The Avtec Scout™ family of console solutions delivers all of the above with a secure, integrated dispatch platform that provides no-fail communications for campuswide responsiveness.



Grows with Your Campus Needs

The Scout™ family of dispatch solutions integrates all your campus communication needs, whether they are simple, highly complex, or somewhere in between. Our Scout 100, 400, and 800 consoles are designed as a tiered solution, which means Scout can be expanded easily and cost-effectively over time as your campus needs grow and change, such as when migrating from analog radio and telephone equipment to newer digital technologies. All Scout products are built using the same single-code platform, which means there is never a need to replace the system simply to expand its communication capabilities.

Ease of Integration

The Scout family of solutions provides campus security and operations personnel with mission-critical dispatch consoles that integrate with a wide range of interfaces, from telephony, conventional, and trunked radios to broadband push-to-talk devices. A Scout dispatch system can be housed at a central command post, with the ability to install additional consoles at locations such as academic, research, and sporting facilities. Security officers stationed at a desk can receive calls on a phone line and immediately access radio channels to coordinate an emergency response.

Many Avtec customers also use Scout in conjunction with local 911/public safety communication centers to provide consolidated, coordinated response capabilities. The wide range of interfaces that the Scout family supports allows for easier integration with multiple agencies.

Scout integrates with recording solutions such as HigherGround Capture-911™, providing campuses with a cost-effective, easy-to-use call and radio transmission recording tool that provides liability protection and compliance. With interaction/call recording integration, campus security officers can access, replay, and email recordings from their desktop with a few mouse clicks, as well as search, sort, and filter recordings.

Single System, Broad Reach

Scout dispatching systems can be connected to function as one integrated system, yet each can operate independently. Consoles with built-in mobility features, such as Scout 400, Scout 800, and Scout Enterprise, allow security officers to communicate with other consoles and radio resources from mobile command vehicles or offsite disaster recovery locations. And Avtec’s continuous rollout of new features and capabilities means that Scout’s reach is not simply based on geography, but also rooted in a broad understanding of what security officers and operations personnel need to perform their jobs safely, efficiently, and effectively not just now, but well into the future.

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