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Push-to-Talk Over Cellular

Support for your POC communications is built into every Avtec Scout console.

Whether you use carrier integrated or carrier agnostic applications, Scout incorporates all of your broadband- and LTE-based communications, making them seamlessly interoperable with other technologies.

Interface Capability

Carrier Integrated Get Info
Bell Canada logo

Brands Supported:

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Bell Canada
Carrier Independent Get Info
Motorola Wave

Brands Supported:

  • Motorola Wave

Scout EX Screen

Meet the Scout Enterprise Family

Proven. Scalable. Reliable.

Avtec's Scout consoles offer a centralized communications platform for the simplest to the most complex dispatch command centers. The pure IP platform provides reliable voice communications, dispatching and data logging management.

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The Industries We Serve

Your Communications Solution. Delivered.

Avtec’s Scout consoles power communications for utility, airline, public safety, railroad and government customers.

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