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Dispatch Platform
for Healthcare

Safety and security are paramount in a healthcare setting but face growing challenges to maintain. Increasing risks and their demands, as well as changes to organizational structures due to mergers and acquisitions, have real impacts on response efforts and day-to-day operations. Still, one thing remains constant—the critical role of communication in protecting patients, staff and visitors. The need for fast, accurate and secure communication has never been greater.

Learn the difference Avtec and its dispatch communications technology can make within your hospital or healthcare system. No matter the size of your organization or which radios or phone systems you use, Avtec Scout™ has a solution for you.


Avtec has been a leading provider of dispatch communication consoles for more than 40 years. With over 1,200 systems deployed, our Avtec Scout Enterprise family of solutions is trusted by hospitals and healthcare systems, as well as air medical services and thousands of first responders nationwide. This is in addition to federal agencies and dozens of Fortune 500 companies that rely on Avtec Scout to connect and coordinate resources—quickly, accurately and securely—within facilities, across campuses and even throughout their communities.

EMS Security
Dispatcher in bright light


As your organizational structure changes, so too will your response plans and communications needs. Avtec Scout is up to the challenge since its flexible design allows it to easily grow in both capacity and capabilities. Our pure VoIP system can be distributed over a LAN/WAN using standard Ethernet technology. This allows you to create a central hub in one location, redistribute Scout systems to many facilities, or set up mobile and disaster recovery sites when necessary. Build your system now knowing you are prepared for later and your investment is always safe.


There are many stakeholders responsible for the overall safety and security in a healthcare environment. With Avtec Scout at the core of communications, connect team members instantaneously and be confident in consistently exceptional audio quality. When situations impact one hospital’s dispatch center, Avtec Scout can automatically failover to another facility for operational continuity. Avtec’s ScoutCare™ program offers added peace of mind through post-warranty software and hardware maintenance, including the latest updates and security patches, as well as training and 24/7/365 technical support.

EMS team and patient

Why Choose Avtec Scout?

Mission-Critical Reliability

The large number of people who enter your doors every day require a high level of care as well as concern to ensure the safety and security of all. Our mission-critical dispatch consoles connect your resources to put plans into action. Whether dispatching staff for pandemic response, managing an active shooter situation or coordinating an emergency surgery, Avtec Scout consoles have the capabilities you need. These include:

  • Built-in redundancies and automatic failover for “always on” availability
  • One-touch access to critical resources for streamlined communications and operational efficiencies
  • The ability to view camera footage directly at the console
  • Console pads to sound alarms, communicate via intercom and emergency phones, open or close a door, and more


Your security team may use another radio system than your facilities staff, and the hospitals within your system may have varying phone systems. With Avtec Scout, it’s possible to connect them all. Built on open standards, Avtec’s Scout Enterprise solutions help you create a uniform approach to communications while protecting all your organization’s investments. Consider Avtec Scout’s abilities to support:

  • Your choice of chosen communications tools—legacy and next generation radio, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies— in both fixed and mobile dispatch environments
  • Communication within and across buildings and campuses to expedite response and ensure operational continuity
  • Air-to-ground communications and coordination with area first responders (e.g., connect EMS personnel using radios with emergency doctors on phones)


With healthcare mergers and acquisitions on the rise, be confident in Avtec Scout’s ability to always meet your needs. Its flexible design easily accommodates expansion, while offering customization at each console to support your dispatcher’s workflow. This is accomplished through:

  • A single-source code platform, allowing you to build your system to your needs today, with the ability to easily expand when requirements change
  • The ability to mix and match four different models, ensuring your dispatchers have the right console for their job
  • Mobility to dispatch from another location via laptop or tablet in the event of evacuation or other disaster recovery need
  • A customizable user interface, enabling you to mirror screens of legacy systems and minimize retraining

Commitment to Security

The need to protect sensitive information has added tremendous burden to IT personnel who must thoroughly vet every system that touches your network. Our commitment to security and our experience in working with healthcare clients allow us to effectively demonstrate and document how our company and solutions meet your network, infrastructure and cybersecurity requirements. Let us ease the process with:

  • Established cybersecurity practices
  • Compliance with the security controls of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-53
  • Constant hardening and rigorous testing for vulnerabilities prior to each software release
  • Security audits by independent, unbiased experts
Avtec Scout Family of Dispatch Consoles


Meet the Scout Enterprise Family


Scout EX dispatch console

Scout EX

Avtec Scout EX is our most robust solution for conventional and trunked radio systems, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies. If you are a “power user” who manages hundreds of resources on a daily basis and needs a secure, scalable and redundant console solution, you can depend on Scout EX. It enables dispatchers to monitor up to 250 audio streams and 2,000 channels from fixed or mobile command centers.

Scout E8 dispatch console

Scout E8

Avtec Scout E8 gives your dispatch center maximum value for a minimal investment. Scout E8 integrates with leading radio, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies. And because it is compatible with all Scout Enterprise products, you can easily expand your system as your hospital or healthcare system grows. It is ideal for managing up to eight audio streams and eight channels at a time.

Scout E4 dispatch console

Scout E4

The Avtec Scout E4 console provides a cost-effective solution that is compatible with Scout EX and E8 consoles so you can add additional software licenses as needed. It manages up to four audio streams and eight channels at a time. Like the entire Scout Enterprise family, Scout E4 dispatch consoles integrate with leading proprietary and standards-based radio, telephony and broadband/LTE technologies.

Scout E1 microphone

Scout E1

Avtec Scout E1 is a purpose-built hardware device that delivers a compact, reliable and affordable dispatching solution for up to four radio or LTE endpoints. These devices can stand alone or work together in their own system. Since Scout E1 is compatible with all Scout Enterprise products, it can be easily upgraded.

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